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Downey Dog Park [view the full listing]

East Colonial and Dean Road
Orlando, FL 32807

4posted: March 29th, 2007

Downey is a nice dog park with a designated small dog area. You do have to go through the large dog park to get to the small dog gate, but it's only a few feet. Owners are usually good about scooping the poop and for the most part aggressive dogs aren't tolerated. Everytime I've gone there on a Sunday the Dachsund Meet-Up is there, so if you don't like wieners go another day.


Fleet Peeples Park [view the full listing]

2000 S Lakemont Ave
Winter Park, FL 32792

3posted: March 29th, 2007

Wild And Rowdy Park!

The park itself is awesome. There is a wooded area with a small nature walk, there is a beach on a lake, and there are bathrooms for people and plenty of clean-up stations. There is even a hose to rinse your doggie off when it's time to go home. Unfortunatly, some members of the Winter Park elite don't always use the clean-up stations and they don't always watch their dogs. Aggressive dogs are aloud to roam freely and I always witness a fight or two whenever I go. The worst thing is aggressive dog owners don't feel compelled to remove their dogs from the park even after altercations, and there is no time-out area. The place is big enough to find a quiet place to avoid the chaos by the beach, but there is no designated Small Dog area, so if you have a small dog be sure to stay close to him or her. The lake is refreshing in the summertime, but beware of giardia infections and aggressive dogs. There are alligator warnings posted along the lake, so don't get eaten! I live right near Fleet Peeples. If the park was less crazy, I'd go there all the time.


Pawmosa Dog Park [view the full listing]

140 Plumosa Avenue
Casselberry, FL 32707

5posted: March 29th, 2007

This is the nicest dog park in Central Florida. I even like it more than the historic Paw Park in Sanford! The park is very small dog friendly- there is a private entrance into the small dog area, and the small dog area has it's own Time Out, which is helpful when my cousin Snowbeast goes with us. He has a Napoleonic complex.


Pannullos [view the full listing]

Park Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32792

4posted: March 29th, 2007

The servers are so nice and Mom & Dad like eating here. I flip out when the train goes by, but other than that it's a nice meal.


Outback Steakhouse [view the full listing]

Aloma Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32792
(407) 679-1050

5posted: March 29th, 2007

So nice!

The servers are always so sweet to me. They bring me ice for my water dish. They even offer to cook me up some sirloin, but my cheapskate Mom says it's fattening. The other diners never seem to mind sitting near a dog, but then I am polite and I don't beg. It's a dog-friendly neighborhood!

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