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Birds N Stuff [view the full listing]

824 W 50th st
Minneapolis, MN 55419
(612) 827-3882

1posted: February 19th, 2009

If I could have chosen less than one paw for this rating, I would have. This store was really disgusting!! You know all the horror stories about puppy mills and puppy brokers. In essence, this store\'s owner is a bird broker. He has so many parrots who shoule be in big cages all crammed into very small cages. I saw an African Gray in a cage that was too small for a parakeet!! And that is only one example. This is not a place where you want to order bird supplies from nor would I recommend purchasing a bird from here.


Suds N Scissors Dog Grooming [view the full listing]

6324 Pillsbury Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55423
(612) 869-5567

5edited: March 17th, 2007

Jeannie is GRRRRREAT!!!!

If you live in the Twin City area, I highly recommend Jeannie Allan of Suds 'n Scissors. Mommy took me there for the first time today, and we were both very pleased. Jeannie's salon is in her home, and she does all of the grooming herself, from start to finish. She took time to play with me while my mommy was there, so by the time mommyleft, me and Jeannie was friends, and I was very comfortable to stay with her. Mommy was very particular about what she wanted done with me cuz' we are growing my hair out, and Jeannie did exactly what mommy asked her to do, and she didn't cut anything that she wasn't supposed to cut. Also, I didn't have any razor burn on my belly when she was done with me. At my last groomer, I came home with really bad razor burn the last time I went there. Jeannie promised mommy that wouldn't happen at her salon. She got me right in...I didn't have to sit in a cage and wait. She was very gentle with me and took good care of me. When mommy came back to pick me up, I wanted to stay and play!! That's how much I liked it at Jeannie's. Her price's are very reasonable compared to other groomer's I have been to as well. I definitely give her 5 paws!!! Mommy, can we go again tomorrow?!

posted: March 17th, 2007