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Jacksonville, FL 32224

1edited: July 23rd, 2009


I am absolutely APPALLED that Dogster of all places would let a business that promotes PUPPYMILLS and BYBs list on their site. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE ! Please folks.. Don't EVER buy a puppy from a place like this. This store contributes DIRECTLY to the inhumane treatment and exploitation of animals . Go to www.nomorepuppymills.com or www.prisonersofgreed.com to see what kind of misery the company supports and the disgustingly deplorable conditions these poor puppies come from. Be sure to view these videos so you can see the kind of environment these puppies come from and what kind of HORRIFIC and INHUMANE industry you support when you buy animals from places like this. http://video.hsus.org/?fr_story=ff57f02f21da96d61eec75e1effd8de0f7710b00&rf=bm If I had my way this place would be out of business and the owner would be caged for life.

posted: June 27th, 2008