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Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue [view the full listing]

253 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64141-0233
(816) 291-2053

5posted: February 27th, 2007

Love Em!

MMBBR is a wonderful place. Its always lovely to see people dedicated to animals in general let alone bully specific breeds that are so hard to find homes for and are the most mis-treated breeds unfortunatley. This organization is an honest hard working non-profit organization with nothing but the best intentions for these poor animals. Please visit their web site for constant updates on individual dogs and on their organization. A good friend that volunteers for this organization helped me and my pittbull and she is always taking in new fosters until their forever homes are ready, she and all that dedicate their time and hard work deserve so much!


North Shelby Cnty Animal Hosp [view the full listing]

2689 Pelham Pkwy
Pelham, AL 35124
(205) 620-3636

5edited: February 23rd, 2007

Good Clinic

We dont personaly use this vet but we have a good friend that takes her fur kids there. They have four doctors that are all very friendly and even funny. They get you in and out and have great prices. Definitley recommend it!

posted: February 23rd, 2007


Alabama Pet Foods [view the full listing]

2783 Hwy 31 S
Pelham, AL 35124
(205) 664-9266

1edited: February 23rd, 2007

Overpriced & Barely Anything

Okay so these people are over-priced and they barely have anything in their store. And what they do have in some cases seems to be out-dated. Some of the items look like they have been sitting on the shelf snce the 90's no kidding.

posted: February 23rd, 2007

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Grayson Valley Pet Clinic [view the full listing]

5632 Chalkville Rd
Birmingham, AL 35235
(205) 856-3804

5posted: February 23rd, 2007

Great for Exotics

Yesterday mommy had to find a new exotics doctor to take my brother snake too since the old one was no longer around. So she went to Grayson Valley to see their exotic doctor. He was very attentive to Damien (Snake) and checked him throughly to determine what was wrong with him. He is a definitley a caring and considerate doctor who has a genuine love for snakes. As far as exotics go this is a great place. We havnt used them for us dogs and cats because we have our Dr. Z but are quite sure they are great for those animals too!


Oak View Veterinary Clinic [view the full listing]

2127 Old Montgomery Hwy
Pelham, AL 35124
(205) 988-3559

5posted: February 23rd, 2007

Great Place!

Mommy had to take my brother snake here because my Dr. Z doesnt deal with exotics. Needless to say they have a friendly staff and are very caring. Their exotic doctor unfortunaltey is no longer with them but he was a great doctor. At the time when we went in, they had two kittens in a cage that read "Need a Home" so mommy ended up taking them home with her and now I have two more brother kitties. They always try to help adopt animals out that dont have a home such as the two kittens we got from them. Great place definitley reccomend it!


Cox Veterinary Hospital Pc [view the full listing]

3403 7th St N
Clanton, AL 35045
(205) 755-1753

1posted: February 23rd, 2007

(Not a very good vet!)

Okay so mom used to take us here from the time that we (me and my brother Danger) were 6 weeks. Needless to say we used Dr. Cox until we were about 1 1/2 years old. We would come here all the time and mommy would tell the doctor something was wrong with me but the doctor alwasy said I was fine. So when I became really sick and was vomiting and pooping blood mom took me to Shelby Animal Clinic where they did numerous tests and found out I had hip dyplecia, low blood count (which Dr. Z said I had for a while) and a respiratory and stomach infection. Ya wow! Dr. Z said mommy had got me to her just in time or I might not of made it. Considering I am mommy's baby and all mom was very very angry. I also got spayed at Dr. Cox's where they obviously gave me too much anestesia because I was delirious for three days. Mommy also has a friend that has a cat that is very obese (the cat weights 48 lbs) and Dr. Cox said there was nothing to worry about he was fine. So needless to say we dont recommend anyone use this vet.


Pet Supplies Plus [view the full listing]

1928 Hwy 31 S
Pelham, AL 35124
(205) 987-9774

5posted: February 23rd, 2007

We stop by once a week

Mommy has to go to Pet Supplies Plus once a week to buy food for my snake brother Damien. (Yes she has to buy him mice) Needless to say they are a great little store with friendly staff and great products. They have a variety of stuff for us dogs, our feline friends, small animals, reptiles and fish. If they dont have something you are looking for they will special order it for you and call you when it gets in. They also do not sell puppies and kitties (as we all know they would come from mills) which is another reason mommy likes shopping there.


Greater Birmingham Society [view the full listing]

1928 Hwy 31 S
Birmingham, AL 35244
(205) 682-8894

5posted: February 23rd, 2007

Another Great Animal Shelter

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1883 to serve the pets and people of the Greater Birmingham community. They currently receive no city, state, federal, or United Way funding, as per most animal shelters. Its funny how we pay all these taxes but its seems none of them ever go to help pay for the animals that were dumped out by inconsiderate, un-caring humans. The GBHS has two locations one on Hwy 31 and a brand new one on Snow Drive. If you want to adopt a great little fur friend please visit GBHS for your newest addition. Remember, adopt dont buy your pets!


Shelby Animal Clinic [view the full listing]

516 Highway 119 S
Alabaster, AL 35007
(205) 664-3462

5posted: February 22nd, 2007

My favorite Doctor!

My mommy started taking me to Dr. Z when I was 2. I am going on 4 now and mommy takes all my other brothers and sisters there too! We used to use a bad doctor, so mommy searched for a new one and found Dr. Z. I love to go see Dr. Z she gives me colorful bandanas and is always very nice to me. Dr. Z found out many problems that were wrong with me that the old doctor didnt which helped save my doggy terrific life. Mommy says she would drive miles to take us to Dr. Z because she is the best vet in the whole world!