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900 16th Street
Miami , FL 33139
(786) 372-0299

5posted: November 23rd, 2011

Dog Training and Boarding my baby

What an amazing change Rj and Fun Paw Care has made in our lives and the lives of our little Pekinese, Lulabelle!! When we got her, she had been abused and abandoned and it showed in her actions. It was recommended to us that we have her put down because we would never be able to train or control her and for years, it looked like she would always be a beautiful but aggressive little puppy. We had many trainers over the 3 years that we had her before meeting you. They came highly recommended by our vet, friends, and dog groomers but none of them were able to do anything with her and it was costing us a fortune in training bills – not to mention the stress and disappointments. We consider it a miracle that we met you one day as you were bicycling down our street and I was trying to walk Lulabelle. You admired Lulabelle and I told you to keep back because she was not well trained. We started talking and you said that you could train her in one session. I decided to take a chance because we had nothing to lose and we set a date for the entire family to meet with you. In one hour, you changed her from a dog that was running around in circles, barking and lunging when anyone approached to a docile, friendly, sweet, calm, little puppy. – and she stayed like this. We had to make a trip out of town and she had gotten along so well with you that we asked you if you would watch her while we were gone. When I dropped her off at your house, she walked away with you and never looked back at me. This was remarkable because she is VERY attached to me and wants me to carry her constantly. When I was around, she refused to be held by any other family member. You sent daily picture updates via the cell phone and she truly looked very happy. For the first time, she also went to the dog park (with you) and she was around other dogs. Our friends cannot believe that it is the same dog and some of them have petted and held her for the first time in 3 years. She had made a remarkable, permanent, adjustment and it is all because of you. Thank you so much as this has changed our lives and we can now enjoy her as well as love her. You are a miracle worker and really know how to handle dogs! We will always be grateful for what you have done for us. All the best, Carol Kahn Miami Beach, FL