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SafeJourney Pet Sitting, LLC [view the full listing]

3525 SE Milwaukie Avenue
Portland, OR 97202
(888) 772-4441

1edited: January 12th, 2011


I have taken my dogs to safe journey in the Brooklyn Neighborhood where I live for about 4 years. In the beginning it seemed a great, albeit expensive, way to keep the dogs out of cages and well taken care of. My older dog, Bubba, would even try to go up the steps if we were just walking through the neighborhood! The business was sold in 2010. The new owners do not let you get anywhere near the inside of the house, \"for the dogs comfort and safety\". This new practice raised a red flag, but I trusted my history with the facility and I needed boarding care for the Christmas holiday, so I took my two there this christmas week. When I picked them up, it was around dinner time. When I say \"dinner time\" Bubba always howls for a minute. She started to howl, then yelped several times and put her tail between her legs. I later found that SAFE JOURNEY DOG BOARDING had placed an electronic shock collar on her. Whether or not shock collars are humane is a debate for somewhere else. Whether or not you\'d expect Safe Journey Dog Boarding to use them (secretly) after reading their website about \"the safety and comfort\" of the animals is what I take issue with. The type of pet owner that seeks out cage free boarding in an old victorian house where dogs can roam free DO NOT expect their animals to be electrically shocked into silence.

posted: January 1st, 2011