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Urban Beast [view the full listing]

217 Yale Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 324-440


4posted: January 20th, 2008


When we first went to Urban Beast, we had some questions about raw diets. The people who worked there gave us the lowdown on everything from kibble to frozen items and what we could expect from them. While The Dads were talking about food, we met some new friends and got some YUMMY treats. Later, The Dads bought us our COOL carrier for the car. Urban Beast was the only place we could find the Pet Tube and we've used it for over a year now. Smart staff, located right by REI (smart location). If you're smart you'll check out Urban Beast.


5posted: March 8th, 2007

i'm addicted....

i can't help it. katie is always giving me samples of the latest treats. once a month my owner takes me to a party at urban beast. there are treats and drinks for owners and other dogs. i get to meet new friends and so does my mom!!!!