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Anti-Cruelty Society [view the full listing]

157 W. Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 644-8338


5edited: May 24th, 2007

They knew I deserved a family!

I'm a calico that was brought in to the Anti-Cruelty Society by my original family because someone had developed "allergies". Huh. I actually think they couldn't deal with my quirks and eccentricities. And the fact that I expect my lovin' when I need it! Anyhow, I liked ACS while I was there. And their staff knew someone was out there who could appreciate me for who I am! Of course I'm adoptable! I'm glad ACS believed in me, and I'm really grateful that they let my new mom adopt me. She loves me, even when I drool all over her. Oh, and ACS also helped the other cat that lives with me hook up with our adopted mom. ACS is great!

posted: May 24th, 2007


5posted: February 22nd, 2007

What a great place!

I was adopted from ACS in November 2005. They took great care of me during the short time I was here. They did also neuter me, so I'm a little bitter about that. I took Dog Training 101 here and met some great friends, learned some tricks, and learned how to be a better-trained pup.