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Feline Wishes and Caviar Dreams [view the full listing]

600 Bryant St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 543-5365


5posted: April 19th, 2008

The Best!

We brought our cat Pumpkin here when we were out of town - he was adored and treated like a prince. We were lucky to have found this place - it is a pet palace. Wish they could take our new little puppy!


5posted: January 3rd, 2008

The best cat boarding facility ever!

I have been looking for a good boarding facility for a long time. My criteria were that the cats would have large individual rooms, that there would be no dogs, that the place would be clean, that they would feed the raw diet, and that the staff would be friendly and knowledgable. Believe it or not, it is hard to find that combination, but I finally did in Feline Wishes. I am not kidding, this place is the best cat boarding facility ever. They have large rooms for the cats, I put my two in a room that is 3x6 feet on the floor and then 8 feet tall. They also have a smaller room for one cat only (3x3x8) and a huge room (6x6x8) for larger numbers of cats. Each room has a large floor to ceiling custom made jungle gym with hiding spots. Each room also has a private alcove where the cat can sit way up near the ceiling and look down at people passing in the hallway below. The rooms are also extremely clean. The pictures on their website reflect how it looks-- the place is cleaner than I ever thought a boarding facility could be. There is someone on site 24 hrs a day (someone actually lives there!) and they have a full kitchen including full sized fridge and freezer so they can serve special diets without problems. They were so happy to be serving raw to my kitties and the owner even said she would take time out to go and watch them eat! They have several other clients who feed a variety of natural diets and homemade diets. In addition, the staff were all knowledgable and helpful. Other boarding facilities have had issues with the staff not being able to read feeding instructions for my cats and feeding them too much or feeding them things they were allergic to. This never happened here, though, and the staff were all educated about cat health and nutrition. They emailed us while we were on vacation about how our kitties were doing, and from talking to them when we picked the cats up and reading the email, it was clear they got to know our cats individually. In addition, they will accept titers in lieu of vaccinations if you choose not to vaccinate your animals. And they send you home with a couple of cat toys as a souvenier of your stay. The prices are even pretty decent. Sure it's more than you would pay for boarding in one of those places where your cat is in a tiny metal cage, but not that much more-- and your cats will thank you for providing them with the best care possible!

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