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Westcrest Dog Park [view the full listing]

9000 8th Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98146


5posted: July 12th, 2010

Westcrest DogPark

Very nice park with separate areas for the little guys. Lots of room and other dogs to play with. Everyone there is so nice and friendly!


4posted: January 26th, 2009

Great for walkers!

This is a fully-fenced park in west Seattle. I've only been here a few times, but everytime has been pleasant. Although I've never had a problem, the area does have a rep for car prowling, so you probably don't want to leave valuables in your car. Also, parking is limited and a lot of people end up parking on the street. The main park has two large fields, and both are excellent for breaking out the Chuckit. There's also a fenced-off section for small dogs, but all the times I've gone there hasn't been anyone using it. The park also has a walking trail with some steep hills for the dogs to run up, and there's a connecting trail you can take with your dog on-leash. This is a pretty popular park, with well-behaved dogs and very friendly owners. It's also a very clean park, which is a huge plus.


5posted: October 15th, 2008

Great Park!

We drove from the south end to this park. We were not disappointed, great owners, great dogs. Park is kept up well, trails off the park make it more interesting for the dogs going for walks.


4posted: August 20th, 2008

Dewey loves coming here and playing for hours.


4posted: July 15th, 2008

Pretty good


4posted: January 19th, 2008

Home Territory

Representing the West Seattle pups here, Apollo and Atlas are going to bark our praise for Westcrest Dog Park. We live just down the hill from Westcrest so we spend a lot of our play time there. The Dads don't let us into the BIG part of the park much... I think they are afraid that we'll just take off and they'll have to spend HOURS trying to catch us... oh... that actually happened. BOL!! The main part of the park is HUGE and well fenced to make sure none of us pups get too far from safety. There are hoses for water in the summer time and lots of shade for those days when it is sunny here in Seattle. The "Small & Shy" area is at the top of a hill in the park and has trees and picnic benches. LOTS of trees for running in and playing chase with my brother. We've met lots of our neighborhood pups here and The Dads run into their friends there sometimes too. We go to a lot of different parks in the Seattle area but this is our home territory and we love running up and down and all around Westcrest. WOOF!!


2posted: December 23rd, 2007

so so

This park is only so so. The parking lot is not the safest place to leave your car, the adjacent park is not the safest place to take a walk, and the nearby neighborhood isn't so great either. Other than those features, the park is okay. On wet days, which is really common in the Northwest, the park is a mud pit. And in the summer, water isn't very plentiful for thirsty pooches. The dogs that come here are okay but I haven't made any great connections here. Some of my buddies come to the park and like it because all they want to do is fetch the ball. This park is great for that kind of fun.