Honey Hill Pet Center

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4545 Transit Rd
Buffalo, NY 14221
(716) 632-6570

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5posted: January 10th, 2009


We did sell puppies for a short time, as it was something our customers had asked us to do almost on a daily basis. We spend a lot of time doing research and finding good breeders, and healthy dogs. We didnt let people BUY a dog the same day they saw it, and we have an interview process to purchase a dog from us. This wasnt a walk in, walk out with a dog experience. Also, if you do your research with studies DONE by shelters, you will find that people who pay more then $500 dollars for a dog are the LEAST likely to every surrender it. Its those that get dogs for free that are the most likely. Anyhow, we no longer do carry dogs, because we put so much effort into how we did our dogs, and no one cared. They would take our time and knowledge and go somewhere else. We thought people would appreciate our efforts, but they did not. They were happy to go somewhere else and purchase their dogs from unknown origins, with unknown health risks.


2posted: August 9th, 2008

All of a sudden they sell puppies?

I used to really like Honey Hill, it seems better than your average mall pet store--BUT--recently I ventured into the store and was very sad to see that they have added puppies to their inventory. They still have rescue cats there, and the Greyhound rescue does informational stuff there, so it doesn't make sense to me to sell puppies. To their credit, the enclosure was very large, but it was disheartening. People in the area where this store is located have lots of disposable income, I just hope they do not purchase a puppy and decide it is disposable also.


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