Oakwood Off-Leash Dog Park

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Attributes [ edit ]
Fenced in:  YesLeash Required:  No
Restrooms Nearby:  YesBenches:  Yes
Trash Cans:  YesDisposal Bags:  Yes
Water Fountain:  Yes

Surface type:Mulched
Size:4 acres

“Fabulous new dog park inside the Beltline! Features separate small/big dog areas, running water, and beautiful shade trees!”

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5posted: April 4th, 2010

I like the small dog area!

Mom took me (Boxador) here last week for the first time. Man, people are nice! Man, the dogs are cool too! I'm shy around the more energetic and aggressive dogs so I like to pair up with my Aunt Holly (Rat Terrier). We played for a bit in the large dog area until a lab kept tackling Aunt Holly. Then we went in the small dog area and she and I really enjoyed the friends we made. This park is all mulch, lots of chairs and lots of shade. LOTS of space. There are water buckets and everything was very tidey. The park is only open when the street lights are not on. We really had fun!


4edited: July 13th, 2008

This is my FAVORITE dog park.

We had dog parks in PA, and Millbrook is good, too, but this one has lots of squirrels!

I chase them. Up the trees and out of the fence, and sometimes Mom even lets me run after them in the little dog park (when there aren't any little dogs of course - I'm too rough for them) and, well, it's the only place I ever get tired.

My brother likes this park, too. There are always some friends, but not TOO many, to sniff and romp with, and everybody is nice and gentle. Nobody ever seems to yell and I'm usually the only one barking. (At the squirrels who don't want to play with me, you see. Why don't they want to play with me???)

Mom and Dad like it, too, because it's level, there's nowhere that silly Jack can go hide and eat something he's not supposed to (EVERYTHING makes him sick) and there are tons of trees, so when it's 100, it doesn't feel so hot. They're yankees; Raleigh is too hot for them. =)

posted: July 13th, 2008

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5posted: May 4th, 2008

My favorite stomping grounds

I love coming to this park with my sister Koda! There is a special side for little dogs, but I like to hang out on the big dog side. Plenty of seating for owners, water pales and a water station, and squirrels everywhere! There are a lot of nice folks who frequent this park and we haven't had a bad expierence yet. Everyone looks out for each other and takes responsibility if anyone gets too rowdy. Plus, there's so much room to run!

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