Beltway Animal Hospital

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8702 Loch Raven Blvd
Baltimore, MD 21286
(410) 825-5040

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1posted: December 29th, 2009

poe died from poor medical care

My 10 year old lab presented to this hospital with a swollen left front leg with a bloody watery discharge flowing from behind his kneeand in pain. Dr. Smith was very rude to my husband stated that the dog was overweight ,etc. They never did any blood work up on him but suggested he may have a ruptured tumor. He was given steroid and antibiotic and sent on his way with a remark that he may take a turn for the worse. We took him home and in a few days he had what we assumed was a stroke. He was taken back but never recovered. He was dying. We went back the next day and had to put him down which was done very unemotionally. They also overcharged me for the cremation. Then 3 weeks later my female lab 11 years old started presenting with similar symptoms so we took her elsewhere. She also had to be euthanized with a necrotic front left leg. No one has any answers for us We really don't know what they both died from and no vet seems to care. The Madonna Vet charged us 1/2 of what Beltway Animal did using the same cremation service. Another note, the blonde woman assistant needs an attittude adjustment...she is the most rude and nasty person and should not be around animals or humans.. please don't take your animals to them They used to be a great team but things have gone down hill Your animal will NOT get good humane care there... We have been heart broken since then...


1edited: August 7th, 2007

Beltway Animal Hospital

Samson just passed away in February but when he was neutered way back when I took him to Beltway and the staff there was so rude! I heard Samson in the back whining and I knew that whine and said has Samson been out. She snapped at me that he'd been in the run! Left in a run after Surgery? No one walked him around to make sure he was ok or that he relieved himself. I was livid! I said GET MY DOG! I took him straight out the front door and Samson took a pee for literally a full minute! The poor dog! He had held it for God knows how long he was that obedient of a dog and after surgery to boot! I complained and wrote a letter to the vet and he never so much as gave me a call and I said say la vee! I go to Dr. Keil at Erdman now. It may be a hike for me but it is worth it and he is very reasonable too. Everyone who is anyone around here goes to Dr. Lance Keil!

posted: August 7th, 2007


1posted: June 20th, 2007

Do not go!

My friend used to take her dog here. They were giving her steroids for limping and back pain and said it was a slipped disk. She also had weight loss. After consulting a different vet, it was actually Lyme's disease. My friend called back to get her dog's records and found that she had NEVER been tested for Lyme's. In fact, the dog had never had blood drawn there at all. I didn't even question about Lyme's because I assumed that all vets at least do a SNAP test for Lyme's and Heartworm on any new dog. Apparently I was wrong.


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