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Veterinarians & Specialists
611 West 45th St.
Maize, KS 67101
Companion Animal Hospital offers a wide variety of health care services for pets including:

* Well care and vaccinations
* Dentistry
* Internal medicine services including complete laboratory diagnostics
* Intensive Care
* Radiology including OFA certification
* Endoscopy
* Soft tissue surgery
* Orthopedic surgery
* Dermatology including allergy testing and management
* Exotic pet medicine and surgery including pocket pets and reptiles
* Canine massage therapy

Companion Animal Hospital offers overnight boarding in either cages for small dogs or cats, or larger dog runs. All cages and runs are completely indoors. The dogs are allowed outside twice per day. Food, toys, and blankets are provided. All dogs must be current for Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus, Hepatitis, Rabies, Bordetella, and Parainfluenza vaccinations. All cats must be current for Calicivirus, Rhinotracheitis, Panleukopenia, and Rabies. If these vaccinations were administered at another clinic, please bring a paper copy of that proof. Day care is also available with boarding, as is special needs for pets who must take daily medicine.

Preventative Health Care:

At Companion Animal Hospital our emphasis is on preventative health care. We offer health care packages that include a wide range of services for a variety of life stages at an affordable price.


Dental care for your pet is an important part of preventative care. Regular teeth brushing, offering appropriate treats and chew toys, and regular veterinary visits are all important aspects of dental care Most pets need their teeth cleaned every year. Failure to have this done often results in dogs and cats that present with infected teeth and gums who can be in considerable pain whether their owners are aware of this or not. Peridontal disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats.Chronic infections can spread to the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys where they can do even more damage.

Teeth cleaning for your dog or cat is very similar to having your own teeth cleaned, except that the dog or cat must be anesthetized. When the pet is asleep it is possible to do a complete oral exam. Often it is discovered that the pet has fractured or abscessed teeth, cavities,or other oral lesions that can then be addressed while the pet is still asleep.

To determine if your pet has peridontal disease look for the following signs:

* Bad breath
* Red or swollen gums
* Bleeding gums
* Loose teeth
* Broken or missing teeth
* Refusal to eat or dropping food

If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms please make an appointment for an evaluation.

At Companion Animal Hospital we offer complete diagnostic services for the patient who is not well. We have the capability to run diagnostic tests for over 200 different indices that can be back within a few hours. We have the capability to perform special tests such as TLI or bile acids that return results in 3-4 days.

Our staff is kept informed of all the latest technology in testing and diagnostics so that our pet parents are always offered the most state of the art techniques for diagnosing difficult, troublesome cases.

Our hospital is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic equipment including doppler blood pressure monitoring, Tonopen intraocular pressure measurement capabilities, ECG monitoring, and endoscopy.

Intensive Care:

If it becomes necessary to hospitalize a patient, some patients may require extensive care including IV fluid therapy, oxygen supplementation, special alimentation by stomach tube or other intensive care. Our hospital is equipped to manage all special needs cases. If your pet ever has the misfortune to need special care you can rest assured that patient care gets top priorty here.
While in the hospital your pet will rest comfortably on soft linens in our quiet ward. A veterinary assistant is assigned to monitor the condition of each patient and provide attentive medical treatment with tender loving care.Your pet's doctor will consult with you to inform you of your pet's progress and to discuss treatment options. Additionally, our veterinary assistants are available to answer any questions or concerns.

Our high frequency x-ray machine and Rare Earth X-ray film system produces the highest quality radiographs, allowing our doctors to see fine detail and subtle changes. Our hospital is also OFA approved to allow for OFA certification of elbows and hips.


Our video endoscopy equipment allows us to look inside body cavities to search for disease. It even allows us to obtain samples of suspicious looking areas in a minimally invasive manner to achieve a diagnosis.


At Companion Animal Hospital we offer both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.This means that whether your pet needs surgery for a broken leg or for a bladder stone, we can provide your pets care without having to refer you to another hospital. All pets receive a presurgical veterinary exam. Presurgical blood work is recommended but usually not required.

Once we are assured that your pet is in good condition they will be administered a pre-anesthetic. At our hospital we use a combination of acepromazine and hydromorphone. This combination provides good sedation and excellent pain relief that is 10 times greater than morphine. This will benefit your pet during the potentially painful recovery period.
In some cases and IV catheter is placed to administer fluids to your pet during the procedure.

Once your pet is resting comfortably under the influence of their preanesthetic they will be carried to the surgery suite. This is where your pet will be anesthetized.
Depending on the age and condition of your pet, anesthesia will be induced either by breathing anesthetic gas (either isoflurane or halothane) through a mask or by an injection of Propafol through the IV. After your pet is asleep they will have a tube placed in there trachea to breathe a mixture of oxygen and anesthetic gas through. The machine is also equipped with a ventilator to breath for your pet should the need arise.
Your pet is now connected to an ECG machine to monitor cardiac function. A small area on the wrist is clipped and a doppler monitoring crystal is secured so that your pets blood pressure can be monitored throughout the procedure.

The surgical site is clipped, scrubbed and draped with sterile linens. All surgeries are performed using only sterile technique. All suture used is of the finest quality-the exact same suture as used in human hospitals.

After the surgery your pet is taken to the recovery area. They are closely monitored during this critical time. Until they are awake enough to sit up they are not left unattended. When your pet is completely awake either a technician or the surgeon will call and report to you how everything went and what the status of your pet is.


Many pets suffer from ailments that manifest themself as skin abnormaliies-most commonly itching. Our hospital offers complete healthcare services for the dermitalogically challenged pet. This includes allergy testing and immunotherapy. It also includes symptomatic management such as cyclosporins, antihistamines, steroids, special diets, shampoos and complete consultations
designed to make your pet happier and more comfortable.

Canine Massage Therapy:

Our clinic is fortunate enough to employ a massage therapist Susan Williams. Susan is a graduate of the Lang Institute for Canine Massage in Loveland, Colorado. This degree required 682 hours of course study in anatomy, physiology, orthopedic pathology, structure and movement, infectious disease and hygiene for canine massage, and weeks of practicum work. Susan has been a canine massage therapist for several years. Canine massage is beneficial in many instances. It is beneficial post surgically, relaxes muscle spasms and tension and reduces discomfort caused by dysplasia and arthritis. We offer this service by appointment only.

Doggy Day Care:

Our day care program is actually supervised by veteran pet dog trainer and certified obedience instructor Susan Williams.
Companion Animal Hospital's "Doggy Day Care" is a wonderful place for your dog to have fun during the day, but running and playing are only the beginning of what our program has to offer.A typical day in the "Doggy Day Care" program involves:Plenty of supervised outdoor play (weather permitting), in which your dog will learn to interact with his/her playmates. We also have an outdoor pool, balls, Kongs, and pull toys available for your dog to play with. For the ball players, our professional ball throwers regularly keep the balls in motion. We also have professionally trained dog petters, who are ready and willing to pet and cuddle any dog that desires that service. Throughout the day, your dog will be taught manners and basic obedience commands that will help your dog become a well-rounded pet. After an exciting morning, your dog will have some lunch and some well-deserved rest time- then they are energized and ready to face the rest of the afternoon!

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