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101 Maury St.
Orlando, FL 32804
(407) 506-6796

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Walkers, Sitters

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Individual walks:  YesPuppy visits:  Yes
Bonded/insured:  YesTransportation:  Yes
Off leash:  NoIn your home sitting:  Yes
In their home sitting:  NoIndividual only:  No

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1posted: May 25th, 2009

Bad dog sitting experience!

WOOF! Orlando / Bryce’s Dog Walking 3019 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, FL 32804 Phone: Dog Walking 407-506-6796 Grooming Salon 407-422-2206 I used the dog sitting services of Woof! Orlando located in College Park. Bryce Olds is the person who actually does the dog sitting. He watched my dogs over one weekend and things went well. The second time he watched my dog, he failed to feed them their evening meal as I instructed; this was evidenced by how much food I left and how many cans were found in the trash can. I decided to give him another shot over Memorial Day weekend, but not without leaving him a very polite note letting him know that I expect my dogs to be fed per my instructions. I also indicated that I was concerned that he may have missed that visit altogether. I followed up those comments, diplomatically, by asking him to be careful and inquiring about his availability for a future visit. Upon arriving at my destination several states away, I received a voice mail message from Bryce telling me that he didn’t appreciate the tone of my letter and my criticism of his neglect; he went on to tell me that he would not be dog sitting for me in the future. Mind you that this message was left on the day that I left. I was not scheduled to return until four days later. I called him and he went into an immature tantrum over the phone and asked if I wanted him to take my dogs to a kennel! (I do not board my dogs in kennels nor do I choose to have my dogs over vaccinated – a requirement for boarding dogs in a kennel or in a dog day care setting). When I asked him how I was supposed to remedy this situation, he responded by saying “it’s not my problem”. I spoke to him calmly and asked him to please assure me that he would take care of my dogs, as I had no options other than to cancel my prepaid hotel, cancel client meetings, and pay for another flight home. What a horrific thing to do to someone on the day they leave, while having access to your home and being entrusted to the care of your dogs! Aside from being completely unprofessional, this dog sitter reacted in a volatile and threatening manner; reactions like this are absolutely unacceptable when I politely criticize someone for not following my directions for a service that I am paying for. Bryce needs to be reminded that he is the employee and the directions that he receives from the employer (dog owner) are not at his discretion to deviate from. Never the less, this dog sitter will not ever have access to my home, my dogs, or me as a good reference. To be fair, Bryce comes across as a polite young man initially; however, I’m sure that my dogs did not consider him too polite when he failed to feed them their evening meal. I certainly did not find him to be polite when he put me in a helpless situation and talked down to me while being on my payroll. Please beware!

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