Dogwood Park

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7407 Salisbury Road South
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 296-3636

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Categories [ edit ]
Groomers & Spas, Dog Parks & Dog Runs

Closed daily. Call for times

Attributes [ edit ]
Fenced in:  YesLeash Required:  No
Restrooms Nearby:  YesNight Lighting:  Yes
Benches:  YesTrash Cans:  Yes
Disposal Bags:  YesWater Fountain:  Yes
Self service dog wash:  Yes

Surface type:Grassy
Size:25 acres

“Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville, Inc. is a 42-acre swim and play park for people and their doggies (over 25 acres are currently fenced)! The park is one of the country's largest completely fenced dog park--a true heaven on earth for dogs! In addition to the off-leash park we offer self-service dog bathing facilities featuring raised warm water tubs, a shop with people and doggie treats and other merchandise, a full agility course, agility and obedience training, and puppy kindergarten.”

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5posted: August 9th, 2009

Dog Wood Park IS Open to Out of Town Guests!

As the owner of this dog park I was appalled to read the review written on February 4, 2008. I wish I could contact the writer to apologize. The staff who were there when she visited have been replaced, and I am so sorry that she had an unpleasant experience. Of course we follow our stated policies, and of course out-of-town visitors are welcome during all our office hours, including those on weekdays. We at the park take customer service very seriously, and I wish the writer of this review had contacted me so I would have known about her poor treatment by my staff sooner.


5posted: March 27th, 2009

Out of towner membership

I was visiting Jacksonville from out of town with my service dog in training and wanted a safe place for him to run in the mornings and get his puppy energy out. I contacted DogWood park ahead of time, as I wanted to visit the park on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning when the office would be closed. They were super nice- I had to fax over the application, plus an statement from my trainer saying Ollie is good with other dogs off leash, and my vaccination/titer records. I paid with my credit card and they actually dropped the key fob off to my husband's grandmother's house so it would be waiting for me when I arrived. They have various prices for out of towner memberships depending on how many days etc you'll be going, so don't feel like you have to buy a whole two months membership if you'll only be there a week! The park itself was very nice. Compared to the parks here in California, it is smaller and less busy, but it was still a great park. The whole park is fenced, and there are a lot of different sections so you can get away from other dogs or be with them as you like. We spent most of our time in the wooded section with trails- it was really fun to walk through the forest. Since the woods were so thick with growth, even though it wasn't a huge wooded area, by going on various trails we were able to walk different paths every time. The restrooms are nice and clean, and you can take your dog in with you. We did stop by the office Wednesday afternoon to drop the key fob off when the office was open, and the staff there was very nice. We will be back to the park in the future next time we visit Jacksonville, that is for sure! My recommendation for people wanting out-of-towner memberships is to call or email ahead of time to set things up. I can imagine that just showing up without explaining your out-of-towner status before hand would be difficult, and I am guessing that is the problem the previous reviewer had. It was really easy to contact them ahead of time, they got back to me quickly, and I would recommend doing it that way for anyone visiting from out of town.


1edited: February 4th, 2008

Lied to then ignored...

I realize that I am probably going to be one of the only people to give this place a bad review. I am temporarily visiting Jacksonville and I had high hopes my bringing my dogs here. We frequent several Texas dog parks and events and always have a ball. I noticed on the website that visitors and people visiting the park can visit at any of the office times (weekday afternoons(first noticed on website 12/07 and still up as of 2/08 under the 'Hours" section of their website)-so I went down there at of the specified times. I only had Oni with me. The woman that greeted me told me that people visiting the park (non members) can only visit on weekends. I mentioned that I was from out of town and she repeated the rule about visitors again and that it was ALWAYS their policy that ALL visitors can only visit on weekends. When I mentioned what was posted on the website she ignored me. I couldn't believe it and just stood there stunned. After waiting for an reponse as to why her policy did not match what was said on the website, she grabbed a park pamphlet and circled the weekend visitor hours on it and gave it to me. What was funny is that the handout actually states the same policy that those visiting out of state and first time visiors can go at any of the office times. I figured all of this really wasn't worth my time and left. I did however find a nice park that is closer to where I am currently staying and Oni and I made a few friends. The family members that I am living close to did warn me that people in that area can be a bit "funny" when it comes to certain types of's sad really. I hate to think that people can be that way, but the behavior of that woman (which I later found out was the owner) left me with that impression.

posted: February 4th, 2008


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