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Vizsla Puppies Make Your Day Better in 10 Photos

Featuring the "Velcro Vizslas," these pictures of Vizsla puppies will stick with you!

 |  Feb 4th 2014  |   4 Contributions

If you're a novice at role playing games of any kind, it's often recommended that you start off with a well-rounded character. For instance, whenever I play the original Diablo, I almost always choose the Warrior. He's got great physical prowess and stamina, which is great when you're wandering around in eldritch dungeons. Natural hunters, Vizsla puppies are the equivalent of an RPG warrior. Energetic, loyal, agile, strong, and affectionate, Vizsla puppies are also highly trainable dogs.

Let's flip through the Chronicles of Vizsla Puppies and see if we can max out our stats with cute puppy pictures!

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Paws the Vizsla puppy is 3 weeks and 3 days old! Photo by The Adventures of Sasha on Tumblr.

First, let's get these Vizsla puppies fed!

At the start of most role playing games, you'll need to visit an authority figure to learn about the world you're in and the tasks you'll face. These Vizsla puppies are just starting their lives of adventure and have approached mom for food and to learn new skills. Like any high-energy characters, Vizsla puppies require nutrients sufficient to keep them active and in the game. You can almost see their life points and mana charging up! Cute puppy pictures do the same for me. They're like food for the soul.

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Look at these tiny little Vizsla puppies, suckling contentedly at the very teat! time for food, feed Hungarian hound puppies, breastfeeding, vizsla by Shutterstock.

This is Maya. She lives in Germany. Maya's a little more advanced than the litter of Vizsla puppies above, having graduated to teething on her owner's finger. The caption to the photo, from what I can gather, states that Maya has since leveled up her chewing stats and can now gnaw on an entire hand! Vizsla puppies are well-known for getting attached to their human friends. I'd let Maya nibble on my finger.

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It would be good if Maya didn't chew on fingers; unfortunately, now she's big enough to eat chew an entire hand! Photo by Nancy and Anka on Tumblr.

Training has gone very well so far. Our Vizsla puppies are fed and ready for their quest! The friendly innkeeper tells us that a cat has been spotted in a nearby potted plant. Let's venture outside the safety of the village and explore strange and unfamiliar vistas with a variety of Vizsla puppies!

Voyages of the Vizsla puppies!

Our voyage with Vizsla puppies takes us to Bristol, England, where Spencer has made a fantastic discovery. The innkeeper was right! Percy the cat was resting in some overgrown shrubbery. Spencer used his skills in curiosity to gain information from the reticent cat. Caught napping, Percy must yield a satchel of enchanted twigs to Spencer and his intrepid band of Vizsla puppies.

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Spencer and Alan are up to mischief. Photo by Spencer found Percy the cat by Khloe Zacara on Instagram.

Turning a page in the Chronicles of Vizsla Puppies, we meet the brave explorer Teyla at Pitt Meadows in British Columbia. A wanderer in the Canadian hinterlands informed Teyla that a special treasure awaited the boldest Vizsla puppies. It is reportedly near the base of the mountain that the townsfolk call Golden Ears. With the keen sense of hearing that makes Vizsla puppies such excellent hunting dogs, Teyla is successful in unearthing a sacred gem! It glows with an eerie light!

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Teyla explores Pitt Meadows in British Columbia. What a view! Photo by Dean on Tumblr.

Hamlin's agility is unrivaled in the Chronicles. Out in the fields, this Vizsla puppy's excitement cannot be contained. His traveling companion is his cousin, a Shih Tzu, who is, shall we say, less sanguine about their current quest. Vizsla puppies have outstanding energy levels. Unfortunately, Hamlin's bouncing around scared off the troll they sought. Not every adventure ends in success, but at least they had fun.

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Hamlin is ready to play. His friend is a little less bullish. Photo by Daily Dose of Cute Puppy on Tumblr.

In the wild north, winter is coming, and this litter of Vizsla puppies is doing its utmost to protect the local farmers. A dark wizard has conjured an ice wyvern that is wreaking unimaginable havoc on the local domestic farm animal populations. These Vizsla puppies must cross the snow-covered plains to defeat the ice wyvern and foil the wizard's schemes. Only then will the people be safe and the sun return to this forsaken land.

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This litter of Vizsla puppies are on the trail of a snow beast! Puppies of Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog running together in winter by Shutterstock.

The Velcro Vizslas

The dog-eared and well-worn pages of the Chronicles of Vizsla Puppies have entire chapters dedicated to the caring and affectionate nature of this legendary breed. Known as "Velcro Vizslas," these dogs stick like glue to their owners, craving constant attention and cuddles. The friendliness of Vizsla puppies leads them to forge interesting alliances. Here, an attentive and curious Vizsla encounters Mindy the Hedgehog. Together, they shall rescue a lovesick prince, or at least entertain their owner.

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Not exactly a Vizsla puppy, but the hedgehog is very young! I couldn't resist. Sniff sniff by Mindy the Hedgehog on Tumblr.

This Vizsla puppy needs a few moments of quiet reflection before he dashes inside to snuggle with you on the couch. There, an ancient prophecy maintains, your lap will be his throne for the remainder of the evening. These Vizsla puppies have gone on many perilous adventures -- do you have what it takes to keep up with them?

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Vizsla puppies are extremely affectionate. The feeling is mutual here. Puppy of Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog sitting in the garden by Shutterstock.

Back to the inn for a rest!

I don't know about you, but I am exhausted. No questing hero, no warrior princess, nor any knight errant can go on forever. Even Vizsla puppies need to rest, recuperate, and recover their energies to face the challenges the next day shall offer. Who knows what crisis the kingdom will face on the morrow?

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One of a litter of six Vizsla puppies! Too adorable for descriptive terms! Photo by Becca on Instagram.

Let us join our party of Vizsla puppies at the local inn. There we will find meat and mead. We will regale ourselves with stories of Vizsla puppies and laugh long into the night before retiring to bed. We hope you've enjoyed this series of cute Vizsla puppy pictures. Do you have any Vizsla puppies? Have you a story to tell? Share your tales and photos in the comments!

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