Videos: Hilarious Dogs Sliding Down Stairs

 |  Jul 29th 2010  |   0 Contributions

Is this an epidemic!? The dogs in these nine videos are hilarious! One thing they all have in common: Carpeted stairs! (For an almost psychedelic treat, try getting all the videos playing at the same time and scroll up and down. Whee!)

Go, dogs, go!



It's very endearing the way she stops and starts, stretching here, yawning there.


Now there's a new technique! The side stroke! This one went viral recently. Too bad the camera was on "blur" mode.


Is he sliding just to scratch his nose?

This guy doesn't slide until the last bit of the video. The carpet isn't very thick, but he has plenty of personal padding! (And apparently all his personal parts, too.)


This one was a little shy about continuing to slide in front of the camera. I love the way she just stays there, looking a little embarrassed that the camera caught her, and wagging and waiting for the videographer to leave.

Proof that dogs and seals are first cousins...


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