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10 Dog-Shaped Chocolates for Your Valentine's Day Sweetie

What's better than chocolate shaped like a dog?

 |  Feb 6th 2013  |   1 Contribution

Looking for a creative way to say “I love you” to the dog lover in your life? This Valentine’s Day, say it with chocolates -- dog-shaped chocolates, that is!

Here are 10 of our favorite finds for that special person in your life. While your pet might want to have a taste, chocolates are toxic for dogs, so please keep them out of reach!

1. White and Milk Chocolate Spotted Dog

If the love of your life can’t decide between milk chocolate and white chocolate, this mixed mutt is sure to be a hit. Two chocolate flavors are swirled together for a perfect marriage of sweet and delectable.

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2. Krön Chocolate Dogs

If love is measured by the pound, then these chocolate dogs by Krön are worth their weight in solid gold. Available in dark or milk chocolate, each dog is a solid four ounces of pure chocolate heaven.

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3. Céleste "Little White Dog" Bonbons

Made from melt-in-your-mouth premium chocolate, this little bonbon is sure to melt hearts, too. Each bite-sized chocolate is filled with a rich bittersweet ganache. The chocolates feature a portrait of Céleste, the sophisticated Bichon Frise who's the namesake of Chocolat Céleste.

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Valentine's Day puppy by Shutterstock

4. Solid Chocolate Dog (for English dog lovers)

For dog lovers on the other side of the ocean, Lilybanks Sweet Shop offers a solid chocolate dog that would be a bonnie companion to a cup of tea. They’re available individually or by the kilogram, so you can stock up your Valentine’s cupboard.

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5. Chocolate French Bulldog

This French Bulldog is so cute, she deserves to take first prize at the dog show. She’s made from organic and fair trade chocolate by Lucky Chocolates. There are three flavors to choose from -- milk, white, or dark chocolate.

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6.  Paws-a-Poppin’

These chocolate paw prints are made from fine Belgian chocolate, and they contain a rockin’ surprise inside. Buried in the rich chocolate are Pop Rocks ready to burst with flavor. Paws-a-Poppin’ are available in dark or milk chocolate and come in a charming puppy-paw bag.

7. Yorkshire Terrier

This white chocolate Yorkie is so pretty and pert that you almost don’t want to take a bite. It’s handmade by the chocolatiers at Martine's Chocolates, and if you’re lucky enough to visit their Manhattan shop, you might just see them making one right before your eyes!

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8. Chocolate Dog in Dog House

You definitely won’t be in the doghouse if you give this adorable chocolate dog to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. Peeking out from his paper house, he looks like he’s ready to jump out and give you a big slobbery kiss. Get your paws on one by ordering online from Blair Candy.

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9. Chocolate Labrador

Here’s a chocolate Lab who's so realistic looking he’s even got his own name. Henry is available in white, milk, or dark chocolate. Take one home with you by visiting Krause’s Chocolates in Saugerties, NY, or by ordering online.

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10. Puppy Dog Chocolate Mold

Nothing proclaims “I love you” more than taking the time to lovingly craft a handmade gift. You can create your own puppy-shaped chocolates with this professional quality chocolate mold. They’re also the right size for baking bite-sized cake pops, too.

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