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The Super Shammy from Soggy Doggy: Our New Favorite Thing

A new dog towel called the Super Shammy soaks up gobs of water -- and comes with innovative hand-pockets. Very smart.

 |  Jul 30th 2012  |   6 Contributions

Now that it's peak pest season in most parts of the country, I wash my dogs frequently with shampoo containing Neem oil, to help keep mosquitoes far away from my best friends. But all that dog-washing yields an awful lot of laundry -- and tumble-drying heavy, sodden towels on high heat in broiling hot summer weather is nobody's idea of a good time.

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Happily, the makers of the popular Soggy Doggy Doormat now offer a laundry shortcut: the Super Shammy. This microfiber chenille item, a thirsty dog towel made from a polyester-polyamide blend, niftily holds enough water to soak several towels. It looks like someone started an origami project with a Soggy Doggy; the ends are folded and sewn to create handy pockets, so the person doing the dog washing simply sticks hands in pockets to get a good grip on the tricky task of drying a wriggling pupster (who, if she's like my Cupcake, is plotting her escape from the bath tub the entire time).

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But most important, the Super Shammy reduces my towel-tumble-dry time in the basement. That's reason enough to get obsessed.


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