My Dog Sheba's Amazing Progress with Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy

 |  Nov 1st 2011  |   0 Contributions

Since receiving injections of her own adult (autologous) stem cells in April, my dog Sheba has been steadily growing stronger, overcoming the pain of the crippling arthritis that made moving her hips and hind legs a slow and painful effort.

Through it all, she's been taking supplements - notably Omega 3 from fish oil - every single day, to promote joint mobility.

Sheba received a second round of stem cell injections two weeks ago. And ever since, as I tweeted to the docs at Vet-Stem, the leader in veterinary stem cell regeneration therapy, she's been trotting around like a teenager - even when the weather is frightful, cold, and damp!

I could tell you that the Vet-Stem procedure was nominal (that's NASA-speak for picture perfect). I could describe to you the infectious zest for life that has overtaken all of my girl's movements ... her rejuvenated outlook on life ... the twinkle in her eye ... her enthusiastic romps down our hallway and in the park near our apartment. But would you believe me?

As an experiment, shortly after the injections, I decided to try out a new supplement on Sheba - it's called DogPawR Joint & Hip Complex. This sublime new product, which contains green-lipped mussels and turmeric in addition to glucosamine and several other key, natural ingredients, comes in powder form. Sheba gets one level scoop on her food, which is always sweetened with a teaspoon of coconut oil and a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon.

Sheba's been licking her bowl extra-clean these days. I believe DogPawR has been a contributing factor in the amazing, age-defying rejuvenation of my sweet, senior dog. I also believe none of this progress would be possible without Vet-Stem technology, which harnesses the built-in healing powers of an animal's own body.

But these would be my personal, subjective impressions - who could ever believe that an older dog, aged 15-plus, was really displaying so much youthful vitality?

So, I decided to give writing a break and let pictures tell this story. The laptop sleeps as my brand-new iPhone takes over. Check out this little video I made of Sheba enjoying the unexpected snowfall that caught usNew York Dogsters quite by surprise this past weekend.


Then tell me that my dog isn't getting visibly younger with every step she takes. Is she positively prancing, or what?

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