Justin Timberlake Prefers His Dogs Buckley and Brennen to Girlfriend Cameron Diaz

 |  Mar 15th 2007  |   0 Contributions

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Now that I know Justin is such a dog papa I may have to start listening to his music!

Thanks to K9 Magazine for this article.

Justin Timberlake: Dogs Better Kisser Than Britney & Better Companion Than Cameron

US solo artist and former boyband member Justin Timberlake has revealed how much he is devoted to his two dogs, Buckley and Brennen.

Timberlake, in a UK magazine interview set the record straight on how much companionship he relies on from his pet Boxers as he shot down the suggestion of settling down with current girlfriend, Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz.

The heartthrob (25) explains he has no plans to settle down with Diaz or anyone else at this stage in his life as his two dogs are all he needs.

He tells GQ Magazine: "Men are monkeys, man. As for marriage and so on, I have my two dogs for kids so you should ask them how I'm doing! Never say never, but why ruin a good thing?"

Timberlake also revealed in a seperate interview that his best ever kiss was by Boxer, Buckley. Close your ears Cameron and Britney!

Timberlake spoke about his passion for his pets at the New York launch of new album "Future Sex/Love Sounds."

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