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Jessica Simpson’s Dog Taken By Coyotes

In early July I posted about Ozzy Osbourne's pup being attacked and killed by coyotes, now it's happened to another celebrity. Jessica Simpson's beloved dog...

Horst Hoefinger  |  Sep 16th 2009

jessica-simpson-dog-daisyIn early July I posted about Ozzy Osbourne’s pup being attacked and killed by coyotes, now it’s happened to another celebrity. Jessica Simpson’s beloved dog Daisy was taken right in front of her eyes.

Some people criticized the Osbournes for leaving Little Bit alone in the backyard while watching the Michael Jackson tribute on television. During coyote season animal rescue and vets advise never leaving pets unattended outside. When you do let your dog out pay extra attention to what’s going on around you, be aware of your environment.

It doesn’t state specifically what happened when Simpson put her pup out but from the description one would assume it was not a fenced area. Perhaps having your dog on a leash when you take them out so they can’t wander could help prevent this type of tragedy. Even if you do have a fenced in area it’s still is not advisable to put your dog out without supervision, especially small dogs.

Simpson sent out a message via Twitter about the taking of her beloved pup and the horror of watching it happen. She has offered a reward for anyone who finds Daisy alive, although according to experts that is highly unlikely.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to Jessica Simpson over the loss of Daisy.

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