Google's Art Clokey Tribute Omits Gumby's Dog, Nopey

 |  Oct 12th 2011  |   0 Contributions

Yesterday's GoogleDoodlewas an interactive tributeto Art Clokey, the stop-motion animationpioneer who would've been 90 today. It's a sweet tribute to the creator of the much-beloved Gumby. Click on each colored ball, and it morphs into a claymation character.

Experience it here.

Present are Gumby's friends Pokey the orange pony;Prickle the yellow dinosaur;and Goo the shape-shifting blue mermaid. Also present are Gumby's nemeses the Blockheads, a pair of bright-red baddies.

However, I believe I'm not alone in wondering: Where's the dog?

Yes, Gumby has a dog, Nopey, so named because "Nope" is the only wordin this fictional K9's vocabulary. He's a basic brown mutt, with two shades to his coat lighter and darker revealing a surprising complexity of characterization (especially in comparison to the rest of Gumby's posse, who, like the guy in green,are allsolid-primary-colored).

To see a video of Gumby and Nopey, go here.

Why ever would a Google Doodle honoring Gumby's creatoromit Gumby's loyal dog?

Dogsters, bring on the comments. Let Google know what you think!


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