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Dogster Readers Show Off Their Rescue Dogs

We asked to see rescues as part of our "A Puppy Is Not a Present" campaign, and you delivered.

 |  Jan 11th 2013  |   32 Contributions

In honor of the "A Puppy Is Not a Present" campaign we launched during the holidays, our sister site, xoJane, posted photos of some of its staff's rescued pets, along with captions relating the animals' stories. We mentioned the post on our site and asked to see your rescued dogs. We were treated to a cascade of touching adoption stories, as well as a bunch of cute photos -- and you know we love cute photos of dogs here!

We don't have room to post all of the photos we received, so we encourage you to keep them coming in the comments below. Here are 10 of our favorite rescue photos, accompanied by a short description of the dogs pictured in them.

Thanks for all your great contributions, both to Dogster and to the furry friends whose lives you are saving. And please remember to spay and neuter your animal friends so that maybe -- just maybe -- homeless dogs will become a thing of the past.

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Those ears!

Kate rescued Zimmerman from a shelter after he fulfilled all her requirements for a dog … and he is a German Shepherd to boot! He'd been found on the streets and picked up by a family who couldn't keep him. Kate says she's "so lucky to have found him."

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That face wants a kiss.

When Emma SJ first brought the Australian Kelpie-Border Collie mix Rigby home, the dog was skittish and emaciated. Now she's a beautiful, healthy dog who is "proving to be quite the prospect for many sports, like agility and disc!"

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Picture perfect family.

Jennifer has an entire rescue family! Panda was her first rescue, followed by Miss Maddie and then Puppet. Jennifer helped all her pups regain their health and now they are all loving companions.

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Just hanging out on the porch.

Here are Lindsey's four rescues -- she loves every minute with all of her beautiful dogs.

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What a cute pack.

All of 4angelpups' dogs are rescues who bring lots of love to their little home.

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Puppy hugs.

KaraAtkins actually found one of her dogs with the help of Dogster! Ziggy (left) was her first Boxer, and when she was looking for a second one, she found Zoe (right) via the Dogster adoption link. Can you believe someone left these dogs to die?

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Life is a beach.

Lauren Miller's dogs, Zoe (left) and Phoenix (right) are best friends. Both dogs were rescued from the Oregon Humane Society as second-chance transfers from Klamath Falls.

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Cool shirt, dog friend!

This is Doggiemomma's Mr. Marky (also known as Marky Moo-Moo, Mr. Moo, or Mr. Mark). His litter was found behind a car rental business and only three of the five pups survived. With the help of his forever home, tiny Mr. Marky grew into a big dog who loves going for swims in the pool.

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When friends of Sara's adopted Chase, they quickly realized the dog was too much to handle. Sara offered to train and rehome Chase, but ended up falling in love.

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Hello, gorgeous.

After he'd been found by the San Luis Obispo Animal Services, Lincoln was then transferred to a Humane Society, where he languished for eight months until he got his forever home with Jenna L.

Please share your rescued dogs in the comments below! We can't get enough of them!


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