Dirty Car Windows Provide Canvas for “Dogs Playing Poker”

Artist Scott Wade turns automobile windows into mobile works of art.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 20th 2012

Wait! Before you take your dirty, dusty car to the car wash, consider this: Like the punk kid who scrawls “Wash me” across a dusty rear window, artist Scott Wade sees a canvas aching for expression … regardless of how ephemeral it might be. But maybe that’s the point? These startling works of meticulous creation are fragile and temporary, and as absurdly mundane as the grime on your car.

Wade has re-created classical pieces and put together Pop Art homages in addition to doing typical car scenes. But our favorites are the ones that feature dogs — natch!

One of Wade’s dog pieces is a replica of A Friend in Need, one of C. M. Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker series. The image took the artist an hour to create. Impressive! (It’ll take a lot less time to wash off.)

The next one is an original work called On the Road. It depicts, from all angles, a family on a trip, as if the images were the ghosts of the people who occupied the car. Among the occupants is the family dog, patiently staring out the window. How many times have you encountered a this scene on the road?

Wade’s whimsical work proves that one person’s dirt is another person’s canvas.

Via Yahoo! Autos, photos by Scott Wade