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CharlieDog and Friends: Stuffed Animals Based on Real Rescues

The toys themselves raise awareness, and sales benefit the shelters that found homes for the animals.

 |  Sep 28th 2012  |   5 Contributions

Launched last month, CharlieDog and Friends is the first toy company to produce stuffed animals based on real-life shelter adoption success stories.

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Charlie is modeled on the Shepherd-Collie mix who inspired CharlieDogs.

These plush toys each sport a hangtag that points the way to the featured pet's shelter website and related rescue causes. They remind kids, who remember forever what beloved stuffed animals tell them, that shelter-dog adoption is cool. (I can definitely relate.)

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Sway the Pit Bull

The sale of CharlieDogs raises money for rescue groups and the shelters that found homes for the real-life animals. CharlieDogs' new collection is "Pocket Pitties," designed to support and promote the excellent work of Pit Bull rescue Bruised Not Broken.

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Gypsy is named for an Australian Cattle Dog.

Holiday shopping season looms. Check out the CharlieDogs -- and the living, breathing dogs who inspired them -- at CharlieDog and Friends.


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