Are Some Rescue Organizations Better Than Others?

 |  Mar 31st 2011  |   0 Contributions

Do vets have preferred "rescue" organizations?

I ask this because yesterday I sent three teeny, tiny kittens to the local pound that seems to be run by the Humane Society. I had wanted to take them to the SPCA but the SPCA doesn't take strays. General cat rescues seem to be few.

Someone dumped said kittens in our yard. Our cat is spayed and I don't need anymore pets.

The animal control officer was happy they seemed to be over 1 pound, because they euthanize any under 1 pound. I offered to fatten them up if necessary.

For future reference, is there a better choice than the local animal control?


I am a fan of any organization that seeks to rescue animals. Some rescue organizations have more resources than others, but every rescue organization with which I have worked has done its best to save as many lives as possible with whatever was available.

Of course, a no-kill policy is my main criterion for recommending any shelter or rescue organization. Finding such an organization can be difficult in the best of circumstances, and nearly impossible in others.

I am going to throw this topic open to commenters. I know that Dogster and Catster users have a massive wealth of knowledge on this matter. What are your tips for selecting a rescue organization?


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