A Tribute to Jack LaLanne (with Dog, of Course!)

 |  Jan 25th 2011  |   0 Contributions

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LaLanne and best friend

As you've likely heard, Jack LaLanne, the affable fitness and nutrition guru who made "exercise" a household word more than 50 years ago, has died at the age 96. The always-cheerful, positive, and energetic man inspired millions to get off their behinds and take life by the horns.

He had some canine sidekicks throughout his TV career. The most famous was named Happy. And that dog always seemed happy, even when he was sleeping, as he is in the entertaining video clip from his show, below.

And if you like that LaLanne video, you'll enjoy the one below, even though there's no dog. It's all about putting on a happy -- and well-muscled -- face. What a kick!

What a great guy. He'll be missed, but of course, he lives on... Let's all do a little exercise in his honor today!


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