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A dog that knows how to cheer you up

I had a kyi-leo about 10 years ago and I still grieve every day that I was forced to give him up. Bailey was smart and kind and the best friend I had had in a long time. I was an in home caregiver, taking care of my mother who was bedridden at age 65. It was not easy, but Bailey always knew when I was having a hard day and exactly how to cheer me up.

He was a black and white type (brindle) and had the cutest little expressions. He never failed to get me laughing. Unfortunately, my mother took a turn for the worse and I was forced to put her into a nursing home. That meant I had to move and was not able to take Bailey. I still miss him very much.

If you are thinking of adopting a puppy or older kyi-leo, by all means go for it. They are wonderful pets. If you have small children, as always remember, little dogs can't defend themselves against being picked up and "loved to death," and they may nip if tugged on too hard, but they are very loving dogs if kept safe from grabbing hands.

~Shiloh R., owner of a Kyi Leo