Doberman Pinscher Dogs

In spite of their fearsome reputation, Doberman Pinschers are loving, affectionate intelligent dogs. They are also known to be conscientious and sensitive, crafty and attentive, which would explain their success as police and military dogs.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher Pictures

  • Doberman Pinscher dog named Cochise
  • Doberman Pinscher dog named Mocha
  • Doberman Pinscher dog named Bowie
  • Doberman Pinscher dog named Ariel
  • Doberman Pinscher dog named Neysa
  • Doberman Pinscher dog named Bo
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Quick Facts

  • 66 - 88 pounds
  • 24 - 28 inches

Ideal Human Companions

    • Singles
    • Active, sporty types
    • Experienced dog handlers
    • A-type personalities

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Trademark Traits

    • Bold and assertive
    • Protective
    • Tough and fearless
    • Intense
    • Easily trained
    • Devoted pal

What They Are Like to Live With

More than anything, these are people-oriented dogs, craving attention, positive reinforcement and quality time with the family. When properly trained and socialized, they can be sweet and easygoing with children.

Highly intelligent, Dobermans have a range of skills that include search & rescue, agility, and therapy work. When given a task and lots of mental stimulation, Doberman Pinschers will stay obedient and happy.

Dobermans, while loving to their families, can be very protective and suspicious of strangers. If they think their handler is being threatened, they will do anything to keep them out of harm’s way.

Things You Should Know

Don’t be afraid of your Doberman. They need a firm owner, and everyone in the house should know how to discipline them (in a very positive way, of course). They can get pushy if they have their way for too long. If you’re not prepared to work with your Doberman, you might try a more manageable breed.

Dobermans will be fine in an apartment as long as they get enough exercise and attention. They are probably not the best pets to have around small children.

A healthy Doberman can live as long as 12 years. Common health problems include heart disease, hip dysplasia and bloat. Protect them from cold weather climates—their short coats make them sensitive to the chill.

Doberman Pinscher History

Doberman Pinschers (pinscher means “biter” in German) were developed in the 19th century by a German tax collector named Louis Doberman. He bred these fearsome dogs to protect him on his daily rounds. Taking advantage of his part-time job at an animal shelter, he used a mix of dogs—probably Rottweilers, Black and Tan Terriers and German Pinschers—to create the classic Doberman. In 1921, the Doberman Pinscher Club of America was founded, helping to promote the breed in the U.S.

The Look of a Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers have a lean, powerful and distinguished frame. They have a poised, alert, ready-to-movie stance and a lively, intelligent expression. Dobermans have a deep, broad chest, a strong neck and a medium-sized, square and muscular body. Their heads are wedge-shaped with alert, dark eyes and ears that are either cropped or pointing up. They have docked tails (usually) and straight limbs. Dobermans can come in black, black & tan, bluish gray, fawn, red and white. Overall, they have a courageous, determined and proud look.

Talk About Doberman Pinschers 

A protective but loving breed

I have had dobermans all my life. My boyfriend now has three of them, two red and one white. They are the best dogs to have. Very protective but loving. They do like to stay right by your side all the time. They need lots of exercise and room to sleep by you. They can be very needy but give lots of love right back. And they're easy to train but you have to be the boss. Always let them know that and they will do whatever you say. This is a great breed to have and to love because they will love you right back.

~Debra W., owner of a Doberman Pinscher

Once you go Dobie, you'll never go back!

A Doberman first needs love and second needs constructive training. I immediately enroll my new puppies in Puppy kindergarten. The last two male Dobies I have had both received their CGC's at four months of age. Dobermans are extremely smart and you must be able to outsmart them or they will take over. You must let the Dobie know in the very beginning that you are the pack leader, they will then show you respect. Dobermans usually take to one person very closely although they accept the whole family, including children and cats. In my experience the male Dobies take to me and the female take to my husband. That could be because I prefer the males, but that is how it has always been in my home. Only one more thing to say: If you once own a Doberman, you will never want any other breed of dog!

~Linda W., owner of a Doberman Pinscher

Truly man's best friend

I love my Dobermans because they are such loyal dogs. It seems like they can read my mind. I could be thinking about taking them for a ride or to the park and it just seems like they know what I'm thinking, even though I didn't say anything or even hint at taking them anywhere.

Dobermans are very smart dogs and learn everything fast. They are so much fun and easy to live with. I would tell anyone wanting a Doberman to make sure they have time to spend with them, as they love being with you more than anything else! I have a fenced-in yard so they can go outside whenever they want, but I would NEVER leave my dogs outside when I'm not home - they are inside dogs! Also, very important, make sure you get a Doberman from a good breeder who does health tests (and proves it) on the parents - there are lots of hereditary problems associated with this breed.

~Betty, owner of a Doberman Pinscher

Better than a lap dog!

I have always loved small lap dogs until someone gave me a Doberman. I have never enjoyed a dog like I enjoy this dog. She sits with me on the couch at night, and reaches over to put her front paw on my shoulder as if to say "I am here for you and your companion.

I take her with me anywhere I am allowed and feel so safe with her at my side. She gives me a high five when appropriate. She is smarter than most people and much more lovable! I am old and have never had a friend quite as wonderful as this one. I highly recommend a Dobie for older lonely people. I also have a large fenced yard which she patrols for exercise and lets outsiders know they should not enter uninvited! What a loveble security blanket. I love this dog more than anything in this world.

~Myrna, owner of a Doberman Pinscher

Incredibly trainable with excellent recall

I love my Doberman because I can always count on her. I feel safe when we walk or we're home alone. They are incredibly trainable with excellent recall. They are kept quite easily in the house and don't have doggy odor. Feed them a good quality food and only buy from a recognized breeder. This breed has known health issues and is better suited to a hands-on owner. Left alone or untrained can be asking for trouble. This breed is excellent for Schutzhund training.

~Sinjin, owner of Doberman Pinschers

Loving, loyal, and intelligent

My Doberman, Sherry, is the most loving, loyal, and intelligent companion. She is very energetic, playful, easy to train, clean, demands a lot of exercise, and is a one-man dog.

A Doberman is very protective and fearless, often suspicious of children, strangers, and other dogs, and will not hesitate to attack to protect her master and territory.

Dobermans do not like to be left alone, so make sure you have plenty of time, love, and energy to invest in your new dog. The pleasure you will get cannot be described.

~Vikram K., owner of Doberman Pinscher

A busy Dobie is a happy Dobie

If you do not have an above-average IQ, then this is not the dog for you! They are very trainable and fun to work with. Obedience trials are a wonderful way to enjoy your Dobie.

They are a working breed -- if you don't give them a job, they will create one and you might like the job they create. A busy Dobie is a happy Dobie! Where else can you get love, companionship, and protection in one huggable fur package?

~Susanne Ross, owner of two Dobermans