October 2006. Page 8

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  • Doggone Crazy! Game for Kids

    Doggone Crazy! Game for Kids


    Oct 12, 2006 — Looking for a way to teach kids about dogs BEFORE they interact with one? Then check out the Doggone Crazy! Game! Here's more information about...

  • Pet-cloning Business Folds

    Pet-cloning Business Folds


    Oct 12, 2006 — After all the uproar, pet-cloning disappears with a whimper. Thanks to Dogma:the Pet Connection blog for putting me on to this article from the San...

  • Moondogs



    Oct 11, 2006 — When is a dog NOT a dog? When its a moondog! I'd heard this term and never knew what it meant until Peter Ceren barked...

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