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Shared Flight (with pets) from UK to US?

After 5 years in London, I will be soon be relocating to the US. I am bringing my dog with me, but don't feel comfortable sending him via the cargo…

ASKED BY Member 1144073 on 12/7/12
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I weigh 22 lbs! We are flying out of keywest and they say 15 lbs is max .…

Key west to Houston. In cargo is not available I keep reading people have taken other pups like me in cabin I am smaller than most frenchies but…

ASKED BY Ellie on 12/6/12
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Moving into rented accommodation next week and have been let down by the person who was going to look after my 3 dogs 2?

cats for a couple of months while I waited for my divorce to come through at which time I will be able to buy my own place. Any suggestions on…

ASKED BY Member 1142674 on 11/28/12
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Keeping an aggressive dog at a hotel?

So my dog is a 1-year old mostly daschund. My dog always barks at things such as doorbells or movement in the house. When walking him he lunges out at…

ASKED BY Member 1140268 on 11/11/12
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I move often for my job but really want a dog?

I'm a scuba instructor, therefore i travel ALOT. No remote island or country is off limits. I've moved about 4 times in the past year, but i miss…

ASKED BY Member 1137441 on 10/24/12
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My Moma is taking us on a road trip cross country. We want do stop and sight see what places do yall can we go?

We will be traveling from Charleston SC to Las Vegas NV with our moma. We want to do a little site seeing and moma isnt going to leave us in the…

ASKED BY Zoie on 10/17/12
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