My background will not show up. I changed from new year to winter. Is this a site problem?

I kept the same code, which has always worked, and just changed the background and banner urls. I think they are correct. Is this a site problem?

ASKED BY Shaki on 1/2/14
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Have GSD, do they do well with Irish Setters?

My German Shepherd is 2 yrs old, spayed female, totally non-aggressive, thinks our cat is a smaller version of her, but just like having 2 dogs for…

ASKED BY Kayla on 12/19/13
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Why does the page still show my big boy's birthday instead of his passing day?

Cancer stole our beautiful boy Jakeup from us 8 days before his 10th birthday. I updated his profile page showing that he is no longer with us, and…

ASKED BY Dixie on 12/4/13
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Will a gravity feeder make my dog fat?

I have a 5-year-old Doberman that "grazes" only when he is hungry. I also have a 16-year-old beagle who gets fed twice a day. The Doberman's bowl is…

ASKED BY Member 1199287 on 11/13/13
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Honey Bun

I want to cancel my ent?

I simply want to cancel my account. WHY do you make it so impossible??? You rape me of my money every year and I am sick and tired of it. Legal…

ASKED BY Honey Bun on 11/9/13
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Our 4 legged family member started chemo 4 Lymphoma today. Can I, and its beneficial to also apply holistic approaches?

We found out Sat. that our "Angel" has Lymphoma. Here it is Tues and we are now one chemo treatment in. Things are moving way to fast. I am not fond…

ASKED BY Member 1197785 on 11/5/13
TAGGED cancer, lymphoma, holistic, chemo IN The Dogster Website

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