Has Dogster been recently sold,under construction or going down it's like it's gone bananas lately?

Suddenly I get logged into other members accounts,get website not found errors a lot & can't log out even at times.I'm really wondering what's up with…

ASKED BY Pebbles 1 day, 23 hours ago
TAGGED technicalissues IN My Account


Problems with adding a dog to my account.…

Hi guys, I am trying to add the newest member of my pack to my account, which went through fine but I am having issues with being able to comment…

ASKED BY Mika on 3/6/14
IN The Dogster Website

Layla Day Dickinson

Photo uploaded sideways?

My photos keep uploading sideways. How do I fix this?

ASKED BY Layla Day Dickinson on 2/20/14
IN The Dogster Website

Rethy (reethy) CGC, PSD

Where is the information about where you are deducting money to pay for this account? If I had known you were deducting?

Anything about the financial account from which you are deducting dogster plus fees. How do I find that on dogster?

ASKED BY Rethy (reethy) CGC, PSD on 2/2/14
IN The Dogster Website


Why can the Groups change their background, but I'm still unable to upload mine for the last time? It's making me doubl?

At the moment I cannot upload a background to my page. I've already asked hq re this, but no help is forth-coming! The groups main pages are…

ASKED BY Shaki on 1/19/14
IN Pet Page

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