What should I do if my dogs leg is hurt the vet is out?

My dog Mya was running and triped and landed funny on her back left leg. now she wont walk on it or put pressure on it but she will walk on the…

ASKED BY Mya on 10/17/12
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What are some good doggy tricks?

My momie need to know what else to do wif me for tricks!! I love spending time wif her but we are running out of things to do!! I know sit, lie…

ASKED BY Mya on 4/24/12
TAGGED tricks, learn, how, do, i, teach, my, dog, tricks, woof, bark, howl, sit, laydown, stay, looseleash, shake IN Methods of Training

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My page keeps getting kennled?

HELP!!!! what should I do to get out!!!!!

ASKED BY Member 713542 on 12/10/08
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Free Spirited Dog!!! Siberian Husky VS Alaskan Malamute VS The Husky/ woofy?

Siberian Husky VS Alaskan Malamute VS Husky... If you were to talk about how free spirited they are....!!! I know they are a working dog and…

ASKED BY nuala on 7/16/08
TAGGED siberianhusky, alaskanmalamute, woof, training, freethinker, wooflikedog IN Other Behavior & Training

Ping (Rainbow Bridge)

Has anyone had a problem with the "what is your inner dog breed" fun survey? One of my friends I sent to is having?

recurring answers. She filled out once and it keeps coming back. Over 40 times. Makes my zealie balance look good, but she is now having to block…

ASKED BY Ping (Rainbow Bridge) on 3/13/08
TAGGED miniwoof, survey IN General