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Heartbroken and need help with quality of life question?

Our 15 year old Border Collie, Mick, got vestibular disease Monday. We thought he had a stroke. But we quickly figured it out with Google. We are on…

ASKED BY Member 1151897 on 1/25/13
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Has anyone's older dog been diagnosed with geriatric vestibular disease? Our 14yr old Vixie was 2 wks ago. Any advice?

Vixie was diagnosed with vestibular disease 2 wks ago, I thought it was time to let her go she was so bad. She has now shown much improvement such…

ASKED BY Vixie on 9/15/08
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Tribble - In Loving Memory

Tribble has symptoms of Vestibular Disease, except for the eye rolling. Did your pet have this without eye rolling?

His body is curved to the left, sort of like dogtracking. He leans to the left, loses his balance, walks in a circle sometimes, is making wimpering…

ASKED BY Tribble - In Loving Memory on 3/2/08
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