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13 yr old female Golden. 8 yr old un neutered Golden; have had him 1 year. He's at her butt 24/7; she's annoyed?

I need to make her last few months enjoyable; she's lost her lifelong mate of 12 years; a week ago. The 8 yr old, I adopted from my exhub a year…

ASKED BY Member 1205758 on 12/24/13
TAGGED goldenretriever, sniffing, butt, unneutered, aging, incontinence IN Aggression


Any advice for a very dominate dog?

My Manson is pretty aggressive when it comes to other unneutered male dogs. Even when he enters another dogs territory, he insists on being the…

ASKED BY Manson on 9/4/13
TAGGED aggressive, dominate, unneutered, advice IN Behavior & Training