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Should I get a second dog?

I was just wondering the pros and cons of getting two dogs. I already have a Boston Terrier who's just turned one. I would like to get a small to…

ASKED BY Member 1137965 on 10/28/12
TAGGED gettinganotherdog, twodogs, bostonterrier IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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How do I get my boy yorkie to stop peeing every where and except the new girl yorkie?

My yorkie max has been the only on for 1 1/2 and since I will start working soon I didn't want him to be alone since he acts up when I'm gone even for…

ASKED BY Member 1065921 on 10/24/11
TAGGED peeing, training, twodogs IN House Soiling


Walking two dogs at once, one pulls forward the other drags along behind me at the end of the leash?

I've been having a lot of trouble walking my dog Violet and my mother's dog Scamp at the same time, I can't seem to find help with google plenty of…

ASKED BY Scamp on 10/15/11
TAGGED walkingtwodogs IN Behavior & Training

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HELP! How do I stop my dog from destroying things?

I have recently moved into an apartment with my friend and her dog. My dog is a little over a year old and her dog just turned 3. Our dogs have…

ASKED BY Member 1022417 on 2/8/11
TAGGED chewing, destroying, puppy, newroommate, badbehavior, shoes, twodogs, aggressive, dominant IN Chewing

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How do I housebreak a new, second dog to use the shower like the first dog?

The first dog (almost 3 years, neutered male, dominant) uses the shower area as the bathroom when he has to go and we are not outside. I've added a…

ASKED BY Member 993611 on 6/22/10
TAGGED housebreaking, twodogs, indoor, indoorhousebreaking, territory IN Methods of Training


Can a sweet 4yr old pit mix and a two yr old ex stud great dane get along together and with my six yr old son?

I only ask because I have a friends who cant keep her two yr old great dane Duke and doesnt know what to do with him, I have a huge back yard and all…

ASKED BY Angel on 5/13/10
TAGGED twodogsandasixyroldboycantheylivetogether IN Adoption & Rescue

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How can a 2 yr bitch(spoiled) get along with a 3 mon. bitch?

I have a 2 year old female mix and she is VERY diva and spoiled, I am currently taking care of a 3 month old Schnauzer. The older one growls and…

ASKED BY Member 742625 on 9/25/08
TAGGED socialization, femaledogs, scareddogs, havingtwodogs IN Behavior & Training

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How do I get my 5 year old sensative Yorkie to except my 6 month old crazy Silky Terrier? I am having trouble my Yorkie?

It has been a month I know but my Yorkie Male Neutered and my Silky 6 month old male neutered which has alot of energy and my Yorkie is come and a…

ASKED BY Bada Bing on 3/31/08
TAGGED twodogs, training, gettingalong IN Behavior & Training

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