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My 2 year old dog poops inside when he has diarrhoea whilst we are asleep, even though he is trained to poop outside?

My 2 year old husky Simba, poops in the house about once a month only when he has diarrhoea. He knows that he should not and he will always does his…

ASKED BY Member 1165911 on 4/19/13
TAGGED husky, poop, inside, trained, night, diarrhoea, bark, cry, downstairs IN Behavior & Training

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If my dog is crate trained can i leave her loose when im at work?

i do not want her to be stuck in a crate while im at work?

ASKED BY Member 1142544 on 11/27/12
TAGGED cratetrained IN Behavior & Training

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My 2 year old female Chihuahua is very smart. We taught her to watch me, stay, sit, shake paw, give high 5 with paw, tou?

She leans into me, but growls when the kiss comes, why?

ASKED BY Member 1130983 on 9/15/12
TAGGED kisses, growls, welltrained IN Other Behavior & Training

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Full grown dog started pottying inside and has a doggy door?

I am having some issues with my 2 year old Sheltie who has always been somewhat timid for that breed. I got her at 3 months old after we had to…

ASKED BY Member 1126006 on 8/16/12
TAGGED pottyingindoorsafterbeingpottytrained IN Behavior & Training

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How do I stop my 7 month old lab from thinking crates are his toilet?

Help! I have a 7 month old black lab mix who won't stop peeing in his crate. I have had him since he was 7 weeks old, and he is great! He doesn't…

ASKED BY Member 1123251 on 7/30/12
TAGGED peeing, crate, training, trained IN Crate Training


Should My Dachshund Have a Crate?

We are getting Daisy shortly, and I'm trying to prepare for her by getting her the necessities. I want to get her a crate, so she can have her own…

ASKED BY Daisy on 3/6/12
TAGGED crates, dachshunds, housetrained, money, investment IN Other Health & Wellness


Is it safe to let my huskies sleep outside their crates for a night?

I'm thinking about letting my husky puppies (6 months and 10 months) sleep on their dog beds outside of their crates for a night. They'll be in the…

ASKED BY Otto&Shiloh on 8/18/11
TAGGED cratetrained IN Behavior & Training

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How do I get my dog to stop playing with the potty pad in order to get her papertrained?

She use to go pee on it then whenever we are not with her she plays with it now she's starting to pee all over house. We tried every thing even taping…

ASKED BY Member 1041273 on 7/17/11
TAGGED play, pottypad, papertrained, training, stop IN Behavior & Training

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