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I just got my 12year old wiener dog a new Squeaky toy and he just carries it around in his month and doesn't chew it or?

He lets us s Squeak it while its I his month but doesn't do it him self

ASKED BY Member 1148194 on 1/4/13
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I need to bring my dog; a 1 and a half year old Lhasa Apso - 'Cubbie' from New Delhi - India to the United States?

~ Cubbie has his vaccination shots including the Rabies one, every year - without fail. ~ My sister can accompany my pet till the New Delhi Airport…

ASKED BY Cubbie on 4/13/11
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MacKenzie Girl

How can I learn to use my new two step pet stairs?

I'm a 6 year old rescue pup I've lived in my furever home now for 3 years.I am all ready using a one step set that is higher than the two step set.I…

ASKED BY MacKenzie Girl on 8/30/10
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Hello, I was hoping to find someone with a AKC coupon they were not going to use and I could use to register my new pups?

I'll be sure to share my coupons once I get them. I will not have a use for them but i do now to register my pups.

ASKED BY Member 852251 on 7/6/09
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I'm moving to San Fran from UK with my Dog. What's the law as each us state is different? Help?

I have a Pet Passport and have contacted the right people. They advise is that each state in the US has a different rule and to contact a vet In San…

ASKED BY Akasha on 9/17/08
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