This is not really a question, but don't know where to post...Please, vote for Harley for top dog of our region in CT?

My dog, Harley, won our town's round for top dog on the website "Patch". He has now moved on to the regional round, facing off against 7 other dogs…

ASKED BY Harley on 6/17/12
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I have a 12-year old Lab/Rott. Took 2 vet & says she has bone cancer! No money 4 anything to help her! Put her 2 sleep?

I'm devistated.I was told my best friend of 12 years, 1/2 Lab 1/2 Rottweiler has bone cancer after a test at the vet yesterday. I took her for her…

ASKED BY Member 987278 on 5/15/10
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My dog is entered into the cutestdogcompetition.com contest. Am I allowed to put a link to her entry on her dogster page?

Am I allowed to add a link on my dog's dogster's profile page to the contest page where people can VOTE for her? Is that OK??

ASKED BY Sedona on 8/24/09
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I have a mixed breed dog. I believe, since his dad was Papillon, that he's a Papillon/Cavalier King Charles Mix?

Are there any RELIABLE dna tests? Cavaliers seem to have so many health problems, that I want to make sure of his breed. Thank you for your help.

ASKED BY Member 821865 on 4/1/09
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Roscoe the Racehound™

What Happened to the Contest?

What Happened to the Contest? Dogster had a contest listed up on the blog I believe and it said enter soon...I think it was running this month. I…

ASKED BY Roscoe the Racehound™ on 10/3/08
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