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Why did my puppy pee on her toy before giving it back to me?

So we taught our puppy how to play fetch, and recently have been teaching her to "give" her toy back to us when she returns. Tonight, when playing…

ASKED BY Member 1246219 on 5/5/15
TAGGED fetch, dominance, territory IN Other Behavior & Training

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We brought a male puppy home and our 5 year old male dog has peed inside twice to mark his territory. How do we correct?

Our 5 yrd old is a black lab, and our puppy is an english setter. The Lab is not showing mean aggressiveness to the puppy but does not want to "hang…

ASKED BY Member 1239152 on 12/16/14
TAGGED markingterritory, addinganddog IN Behavior & Training

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My male English Bulldog and my girlfriends male American Bulldog/boxer mix aren't getting along. Please help?

I recently brought home my 4 year old English Bulldog from my parents house, they were taking care of him while I was studying abroad. My girlfriend…

ASKED BY Member 1178685 on 7/5/13
TAGGED bulldog, males, fights, aggression, toys, food, territory IN Aggression

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PLEASE HELP: Need A Wisconsin Husky Expert Behaviorist?

Recently got our 2yr old Sibe & found he has a horrible aggression towards anything he gets his hands on. Former owners had no problems. We can put…

ASKED BY Member 1146536 on 12/25/12
TAGGED dominance, aggression, yearold, husky, siberianhusky, territory, biting, growling, correcting IN Aggression

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How to stop sleepy aggression?

My dog Ellie is very sweet, but when she's tired she becomes a beastie. She becomes extremely aggressive towards our other dogs when she's tired or…

ASKED BY Member 1140392 on 11/12/12
TAGGED aggression, sleep, territory IN Aggression

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Was this dog trying to mark his territory? Why would a dog do this?

Adopted dog of 9 months, about 2-4 years old Poodle mix. left in a strange house for 4 hours, with a puppy 1 yr old. The dog pee'd about 10 places and…

ASKED BY Member 1137481 on 10/24/12
TAGGED territory, marking, fear IN Behavior & Training

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Why does my dog eat the yellow snow?

I have a 3 yr old Novia Scotia Duck Toller why does he eat the neighbors dog yellow snow? How do I break him of this habit? Also, he whats to poop…

ASKED BY Member 1022577 on 2/9/11
TAGGED behavior, sharingaterritory IN Methods of Training

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