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Taking my 2yr old white lab to lake Erie Will Miley's paws burn in the sand like my feet do, sun burn what do I need?

What I need for her. What should Know. Were on land no boating.

ASKED BY Member 1112006 on 5/22/12
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Casanova's Bootleg Bully

My pitbull is 50% white and has sensetive skin. does he need sunscreen,and if so what kind?

he had itchy, flaky skin on his back near his tail mostly and shed alot but we are regulating it through vet suggested diet. it's not summer yet snd…

ASKED BY Casanova's Bootleg Bully on 4/18/11
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Can dogs get sunburned?

My pit is 5 yr old and almost albino (very white with dark spots on belly, eyes dark brown). She loves to lay in the sun and gets very pink under…

ASKED BY Member 715609 on 8/23/08
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Honey (AKA Blizzard)

We are fostering a 1 year old Lethal White Aussie... How can I best protect her from the sun?

She easily gets sunburned, so she place wears doggles, however I can't find a hat or clothing that is UV protected for her... any suggestions?

ASKED BY Honey (AKA Blizzard) on 6/28/08
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Shandi *Oct 2006 - Aug 2012*

What causes nose to peel?

Yesterday I noticed that little flakes were coming off Shandi's nose. It had only just started in the afternoon. You know how most dogs have different…

ASKED BY Shandi *Oct 2006 - Aug 2012* on 6/20/08
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