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How do you stop a dog from doing repeat behaviors?

My one year old basset hound will stop the minute she is corrected but continues to repeatedly try to do certain behaviors and we are all getting a…

ASKED BY Member 1246679 on 5/14/15
TAGGED stoppingbeforeitstarts IN Behavior & Training

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My dog is afraid of strangers and growls & barks when they come near. He also is aggressive around other large dogs?

My husband and I are In an RV traveling with our 4 year old St. Bernard/Great Pyraneese cross. I know back on the acreage at home I didn't…

ASKED BY Member 1240589 on 1/11/15
TAGGED stoppingbarking, unwantedgrowling, aggression, scared, fearful IN Aggression


My 6 month 50lb BMC mix walked very well on the leash when I got him(rescue dog?

Rescued 3/21/14 Home 3/24/14, medium-energy level, doesn’t like crate. 3 hours walking/jogging . Receiving injections for demodectic mange…

ASKED BY Turtle on 3/29/14
TAGGED tugging, pulling, distracted, leash, walking, stopping, dragging IN Leash Walking


Stopping mild food aggression before it becomes full blown?

My 15 pound Boston Terrier/Chihuahua is only food aggressive when it comes to treats, never with her actual food/food bowl. I am worried that this…

ASKED BY Laika on 6/20/13
TAGGED foodagression, mild, stoppingbehavior, treats IN Aggression

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During the beginning of our walks, my dog sometimes just stops and stands. I have to pull or push him to restart walk?

He does walk successfully next to me on a loose leash. This problem only happens within the first few minutes of our walk, then he is over it. I…

ASKED BY Member 1052647 on 9/5/11
TAGGED leash, stop, stopping, walk, walking IN Leash Walking

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After 8 months of leash training, my 1 yr old dog *still* spazs out biting the leash and jumping towards end of walks?

We walk our dog twice a day with a halti, each time for 30-50 minutes. We try to change the routes we take as much as we can to keep variation. We…

ASKED BY Jessie Pants McGee on 6/19/09
TAGGED leash, halti, jumping, biting, stopping IN Leash Walking

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How can I stop my 11 week old pom puppy from constantly biting myself and others hard - he's not just playing either?

Ki is doing fine with most things puppies need to learn except not to bite. He does the usual puppy biting but hard and a lot. Anything i've tried…

ASKED BY Member 838594 on 6/7/09
TAGGED stoppingapompuppyfrombitingaggresively IN Other Behavior & Training

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How do I get my dog to keep continuosly walking without pulling back and stopping on his walks?

If I drop the leash, he will follow me and mostly keep up with me or shortly behind.  I don't like to do that but it's been about the only way we can…

ASKED BY Member 800516 on 2/4/09
TAGGED walks, stopping, wontwalk IN Leash Walking

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