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Is it ok for my puppy to still have bumps on either side of her spay incision?

My puppy got spayed last Monday and has had some swelling on either side of the incision. She is fine, still eating, and playing. There is no…

ASKED BY Member 1184331 on 8/6/13
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Stitches that did not dissolve?

My 7 month old dog/puppy was spayed in early September and on the inside they were supposed to dissolve after a week or so. When petting her belly…

ASKED BY Jasmine on 10/23/12
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My dog has the biggest cone available, but can still reach his back leg where he is cut. The vet says I cant cover it?

My dog ran through a glass door and had a few cuts, the biggest on his back leg. He got stitches but the big wound is still partially open. We…

ASKED BY Member 968215 on 2/25/10
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I need help about my dogs incision site?

About a month ago we had our 2 year old lab mix, Clover, fixed. She did wonderful, a little more active than I would have liked, but she didn't…

ASKED BY Member 921807 on 12/18/09
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Desmond CGC

How long do I have to wait to bathe my dog after he has been neutered?

Desmond was neutered on the 2nd of October, which was 12 days ago. His stitches are the kind that are interior, and dissolve after a period of time…

ASKED BY Desmond CGC on 10/14/09
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My dog tore a couple of his neuter stitches and now the wound is gaping. It's 11 at night. Wound is closed with bandaid?

I recently adopted a dog from my local animal shelter three days ago. I took him to the vet within five minutes of signing the adoption papers. He'd…

ASKED BY Member 863786 on 8/2/09
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Hey my dog needs stitches i think but i cant get to the vet till tommarow.!!! what should i clean it with?

its kinda on her hip. but we cant go to petco or any thing cuase we currently live in costa rica. the dog on this pic is the one.

ASKED BY Linda on 11/13/08
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My baby is a hyper dog and I'm worried that when I have her spayed she will pull her stitches loose?

Scootergirl likes to jump and is clumsy and I'm worried that she will become rambumcuous before the doctor takes her stitches out. Any…

ASKED BY PipPip on 10/30/08
TAGGED rambuncuous, spayed, stitches IN Spaying & Neutering

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