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Dog exercise calories burn?

Hi I'm a Programmer in Korea I develope the dog heathcare Appllication use Dog stepcount and step speed I want ask you formula the the dog burn…

ASKED BY Member 1201271 on 11/24/13
TAGGED calories, calorie, step, stepcount, speed IN Health & Wellness

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My dog limps and see nothing in his paw. Also has hard time standing up and going up/down steps. What's wrong?

Do not have monetary means to see a vet at this time. Can you help me?

ASKED BY Member 1189430 on 9/11/13
TAGGED bordercolliehusky, limps, hardtimestanding, updownsteps IN Health & Wellness


Doggy stairs vs. good exercise?

At what point is it time to buy little steps for Tanner? He has trouble getting up onto his favorite spot and sometimes he slips. My mother keeps…

ASKED BY Tanner on 2/15/11
TAGGED senior, steps, stool, exercise, jumping, couch IN Senior Pet

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My dog refuses to walk up or down the stairs from my apartment. I adopted an 8 month old English Mastiff. I have experin?

Dog has never dealt with stairs before and a little bowlegged. The only way to walk him or get him to the bathroom are the stairs. I need to do this 3…

ASKED BY Member 1022312 on 2/7/11
TAGGED stairs, steps, hieghts IN Fears & Phobias

MacKenzie Girl

How can I learn to use my new two step pet stairs?

I'm a 6 year old rescue pup I've lived in my furever home now for 3 years.I am all ready using a one step set that is higher than the two step set.I…

ASKED BY MacKenzie Girl on 8/30/10
TAGGED petsteps, trainingtousestairs IN Behavior & Training

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I have a 2 1/2 month old toy poodle.Stepped on his paw. Limping, whining, wants to be held. no swelling or redness.Help?

Big big daddy stepped on toy poodles front paw while playing with the other puppy. He weighs only 2 lbs. He wants to play so bad but takes a few steps…

ASKED BY Member 897160 on 10/4/09
TAGGED limping, hurtpaw, steppedon, whining, toypoodle IN Emergencies & First Aid


How do i get cornbread to walk down my steps in my house?

ok first i want to say thank you for the help with the other question i am woring on that with him so thank you guys very much but heres my new…

ASKED BY Cornbread on 3/7/09
TAGGED woodensteps, fear, wontcomedown IN Puppies

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