Must travel for 6 weeks. Too worried to let anyone walk my dog. We live in Egypt. Please read details before answering?

I walk my dog every day and take him to the dog park where he can run free. He is a Dalmatian ( a year and 8 months old). The Problem: I have to…

ASKED BY Vincent on 4/12/14
TAGGED separationanxiety, walks, stayinghome IN Health & Wellness

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MY dog won't go to bed?

My dog is 4 months old and has had all of the shots besides rabies but won't be quiet and go to sleep at night plz help me I'm new to dogs

ASKED BY Member 1175697 on 6/16/13
TAGGED night, loudy, noisey, imtiredofstayingupwithpuppy IN Puppies

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I live in az and my 13 year old pit bull usually stays inside on her pillow now she wants to be outside?

She dug a hole , she never digs, and sits in it, she can barely get out of it. My border collie follows her and sits outside too. My yorkie poo has…

ASKED BY Member 1120524 on 7/13/12
TAGGED insidedogwantstostayoutside IN Other Health & Wellness


What are some good doggy tricks?

My momie need to know what else to do wif me for tricks!! I love spending time wif her but we are running out of things to do!! I know sit, lie…

ASKED BY Mya on 4/24/12
TAGGED tricks, learn, how, do, i, teach, my, dog, tricks, woof, bark, howl, sit, laydown, stay, looseleash, shake IN Methods of Training

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My dog with bite and growl at my 4 year old grandson?

We bought our English Sheperd when he was 5 months, he has had 6 training lessons ( behavior to mind ) He has bite ( not breaking skin but bruised his…

ASKED BY Member 1085211 on 1/17/12
TAGGED thedogisalmostayearold, hesagoodboyandveryprotective IN Other Behavior & Training


What else should I teach my toy poodle?

I thought my dog to sit,stay,heel,walk,leave it,come,down,dead,high five,paw/shake,roll and i am teaching him how to bow and wave.... what else should…

ASKED BY Romeo on 10/23/11
TAGGED sit, stay, heel, walk, leaveit, come, down, dead, highfive, pawshake, rollandiamteachinghimhowtobowandwavewhatelseshoulditeachmysmarttoypoodle IN Behavior & Training

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