Sophia Koyuki

Akita Inu and Chihuahua's living together?

I have 2 chihuahuas, and I recently brought home a little Akita Inu pup. My Eldest Chi has had experience with large dogs, as we had a King Shepherd…

ASKED BY Sophia Koyuki on 1/1/14
TAGGED akitainu, chihuahua, breeds, smallbreed, largebreed, help IN Akita

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11 month old boston terrier, daily accidents?

I have an 11 month old female boston terrier who is still having accidents every day in the house! She always seems to choose spots she knows she's…

ASKED BY Member 1077831 on 12/15/11
TAGGED accidents, bostonterrier, female, male, months, smallbreed, training IN Methods of Training

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Wellness vs. Blue Buffalo for 18 lb shih-tzu?

I've read so many good reviews on Wellness and recently been seeing a lot on Blue Buffalo. Which is better for a small breed? Wellness Small…

ASKED BY Member 979746 on 4/5/10
TAGGED food, smallbreed, shihtzu IN Pet Food


Small breed and large breed dogs!! Types of food they eat?

I have a Pomeranian named JoJo, and a St.Bernard mix. I feed JoJo Wellness, and Charlie Nutro. JoJo has been on Wellness for about 4 months now, and…

ASKED BY JoJo on 10/27/09
TAGGED dogfood, health, smallbreed, largebreed IN Food & Nutrition

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Got a Maltese that is 2yrs and weighs 6lbs. Took him to the vet and he has no issues. What to feed to gain weight?

We also have a 6 month old lab who had this issue when we got him, but it later turned out to be roundworms. We got the Maltese tested for…

ASKED BY Member 859373 on 7/22/09
TAGGED weightgainingtipsforsmallbreeds IN Other Food & Nutrition


I need some help and suggestions about can food. Phoebe is a picky eater. She eats Solid Gold Wee Bits & likes it but…

it needs to be mixed with something. A while back I was feeding her Merrick and got very ill. I'm not sure if it was frm the richness of the food or…

ASKED BY Phoebe on 6/1/09
TAGGED smallbreed, can, dog, food, good, quality IN Wet Dog Food

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