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My puppy only sleeps how I do, under the covers or burying her face covering her eyes in the joint/bend of my arm, why?

This is how I sleep, she shows signs of affection to me and sees me as the pack leqder, she is well trained and is a crosbreed, jack russel and king…

ASKED BY Member 1212905 on 2/24/14
TAGGED behaviour, sleeping, affection, submission IN Behavior & Training

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Is there something wrong with my pug? Please help?

My 3 year old pug is acting extremely strange. This morning at about 5 am she was running around under beds and humping floor lamps waking everyone in…

ASKED BY Member 1206034 on 12/26/13
TAGGED bad, behavior, pug, run, notsleeping, crazy, help, urgent IN Illness & Disease


How do i get my puppy to sleep through the night?

Right before bed i put him out. Then when we come in i am put him in his crate to crate train him and he wakes up to pee around 1. he wants to play…

ASKED BY Murray on 7/31/13
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7 year old toy poodle will no longer sleep through the night in her crate. Why?

I've got a 7 year old toy poodle, and she hasn't been sleeping through the night for a few months now. She wakes up at about 3am and then refuses to…

ASKED BY Member 1156634 on 2/23/13
TAGGED whining, notsleeping, crate, bed, heart, problems, failure IN Other Behavior & Training

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My rat terrier is shaking quite a bit, and today he is VERY stand-offish, which is HIGHLY unusual. whats the deal?

Bandit is very loving, attention seeking, high energy dog. today, he has been NONE of that. he hasnt eaten or drank very much water either. My…

ASKED BY Member 1153467 on 2/3/13
TAGGED moving, food, stress, sleeping, shaking, sick IN Health & Wellness

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New Puppy Weird Habits?

I recently got a new puppy he is six weeks old and he doesn't like to snuggle up to me.. he likes to go hide in the corner behind the couch and sleep…

ASKED BY Member 1072300 on 11/19/12
TAGGED puppy, sleeping IN Other Puppies

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